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    Hot car

    I made this in Apple Garage Band with my little soprano and my Fender Jazzzmaster uke. I do all the vocals too. My son was telling me about his new car and I wrote this in ten minutes.
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    Hot in my Civic tonight

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    My pretend open mic gig

    It's on my bucket list to do an open mic at a Chicago blues club some day, when I'm good enough. In my dreams, it goes something like this...
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    Season # 533: "Spring Break"

    SEASON OF THE UKULELE # 533: “Spring Break” The category involves songs about Spring Break, or songs you yourself heard during one of your spring breaks, a spring vacation, or, if you never went anywhere on a spring break, pick a top 100 song from the year you graduated high school in the US...
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    Need some folks (And a Female Lead vocal) for a virtual uke jam video: "Havana" (Completed!)

    I hope this is the right place to post this; I'm a noob member. If there's a better place to post it, let me know. But I've done a number of virtual jams before, where I send participants a guide track to play along to on headphones, while recording themselves, then they all send me their...
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    Greetings From Springfield

    In my uke club, I run a monthly video challenge similar to Seasons Of The ukulele. This clip was from our "Love" challenge.
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    Mark Suszko says aloha

    Hi everybody! Been a fan of the UU youtube channel for a while, thought I'd join here and maybe find some new playing partners to be in uke video projects with me. I've been playing around three years, self-taught (thanks in part to Aldrine's videos), and I belong to the Springfield Uketopians...