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    Six string guitarlele build

    Did you use Classical tuners?
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    Routers how many?

    I have ones that do double duty and none used for one task. A half dozen I would guess.
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    Maple and Sitka Tenor with Koa Bindings

    Nicely done, can not wait for the neck.
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    Free information

    Too much information I guess, could have just said that you try to be helpful and your not wanting to see someone fail but it ended taking more time than expected. Walking off dock? Like explaining some theory and him rushing out to order more parts before having a clear concept of what he is...
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    Laminating sides

    I agree about the 5 minute, not a lot of time to play. I used titebond and also found it less than ideal. I would use a better epoxy next time.
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    Free information

    Well I cut off my Sweden connection. He now has two amps for his son. The second we crammed it full of stuff (a knowlagable person there said he could not get it in the size of chassis, a good thing he trusted in me). He wanted a third which would be even more challenging, basically two...
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    Free information

    I helped out a guy in Sweden to build a custom amp. He said if I need any medical advice to just ask. He happens to be the head of a hospital there. I eventually did hit him up for something due to the obscure nature of the problem. He put out a call to a number of professionals, did not come...
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    Mahogany find

    American Mahogany (plantation Honduran) guitar neck blanks.
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    I may have made a bad choice. Wenge wood

    I don't know how well it would be for a uke, I built a guitar with a neck wood in the stiffness and density range of rosewood, can't remember the name of it. Was a unique sound, a very solid bass. I think wenge might be too heavy for a neck, just flood with CA glue and hit it with accelerator...
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    Black Cherry Spruce top.
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    Rope glues

    Titebond III.
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    Body not at 90 degree at neck joint

    Without separating the back and slipping the back so the angle is 90, (assuming that you can) the only real task at hand would be sanding down the heel of the neck. to correspond to the angle you have. Not fun but not the end of the world. I would fit the neck flush to the body and floss the...
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    CA glue warning.

    A love tap. You are still standing.
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    Tinnitus scare

    Had it for about ten years now. The result of the medication I am on. Hiss and ringing at a few frequencies. The odd time I forgot to take the little pill I found it goes away, that is when I know I really messed up.
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    Wood for build

    If there are any radio controlled aircraft hobby stores you can get spruce from them. It will be a good grade as they do not want their planes falling out of the sky. I have bought 2x4's from lumber yards and cut them up as bracing and kerfed linings. You do have to select a good one, at least...
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    Best thing to use for practice wood?

    Just go down to the lumber store and pick up a 2x4 SPF that has a section without knots and the grain is fairly straight. Cheap, a little different from the feel of a hardwood but you can do a number of tries real cheap. I guess you should have a fake fretboard to simulate a real...
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    Steam Bending Act 2 (and 3)

    Lot of gibberish, who really needs all those letters to link to a file?
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    What name ?

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    My latest batch of Concert Ukes

    A gaggle of concerts.
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    What's happening in your shed?

    On first sight I thought you were using real jumbo frets.