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    SOLD: tkitki Custpm-T Curly Mango Tenor

    Still available with price drop to $1425. It's an excellent sounding uke, very different from my other tenors, but the overall scale (body size, fretboard width) is a bit small for my taste. If no interest, I'll stick in the closet and wait for the kids to grow into it :)
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    SOLD: tkitki Custpm-T Curly Mango Tenor

    Indeed, I think it's pretty much unknown outside of Japan, other than SUS picking up a small number of their instruments recently. SUS did a good job describing it:
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    SOLD: tkitki Custpm-T Curly Mango Tenor

    Purchased from Southern Ukulele Store (SUS) about a month ago, selling to partially fund a custom. $1475 incl. free shipping to CONUS, Paypal F&F or Zelle. Mint condition tenor ukulele, made in Japan of all-solid Hawaianian curly mango. This is a Martin-style ukulele, albeit in the modern...
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    [SOLD] Beansprout Baritone 374 Port Orford Cedar and Walnut with K&K pickup

    Hello all, Selling an excellent Beansprout baritone, purchased here on UU last year. Original post and specs: While a comfortable and lovely sounding...
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    ** FOUND ** WTB Blackbird Farallon

    Good luck finding one! FWIW the production seems to be super backed up. I ordered mine from Blackbird in October. The website said 8 - 10 weeks but they immediately extended the delivery window by 4 weeks, and after multiple rounds of delay, still waiting... No explanation has been offered other...
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    SOLD: aNueNue UT200 Moon Bird tenor ukulele

    This seems to be a fair price (about the same as my UT200 purchase here on UU forums). It's a great sounding instrument. Here's a recent video of what it *could* sound like (that is, if you can play like Brittni):
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    Post your 2022 goals! Happy New Year and Best of luck!

    1. continue taking weekly private ukulele lessons, despite expecting to start a new job and having a second child 2. learn Gently Weeps
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    Hallelujah (Fingerstyle)

    Very nice! The Jeff Buckley style arrangement sounds really good here. As a different variant, check out Jake Shimabukuro's version too :)
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    Tenor alternate tuning - need help

    Do you know what the string set was that broke? It should be possible to go from GCEA to ADGB, but the tension will be higher, so you'll probably need a set of thicker strings with higher breaking tension (fluorocarbons are probably your best bet). I can tune my tenor up to high B without any...
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    Avoid the Mid-Level ($300-$600) ?

    I think the spirit of it makes sense and corresponds to the "barbell model" that appears in some different domains. There are inexpensive ukes that sound quite good and you don't mind handing to a toddler, etc. Then there are ukes that are the best you feel comfortable buying, and you aspire to...
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    SOLD - Ko'olau Koa Tenor Electric w/ Radius (CE-1 SP)

    There are a bunch of videos of Corey and Kalei playing these on the Uke Site, here's one They sound good acoustically too, though note that in the videos they are playing...
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    TC UniTune tuner on sale at Sweetwater for just $9.91

    Same here. I have the UniTune and Petersen, which are more accurate and granular, but the D'Addarios are just very convenient and good enough for daily use.
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    String Tension Question

    As suggested, try a different set of strings! Unfortunately, tension data is not usually available outside of Aquila and D'Addario. But, fluorocarbons generally have close-enough density across strings that you can experiment by string diameter. If my data is correct, the Martin M600 strings...
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    A 3-string ukulele

    If it is set up with G, E, A strings, you can still play Jake's Missing Three in original form :)
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    UAS Unleashed!

    On the principle of equivalence, seems like you might have negotiated yourself two Romeros against a Tag :)
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    SOLD - Ko'olau Koa Tenor Electric w/ Radius (CE-1 SP)

    Beautiful and a very good price!
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    New addition

    Perhaps you should post a picture :) Are you playing your tenor plugged in?
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    UAS is irrational

    It may be irrational, but it is also exuberant !