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    SOTU 553 International Day Calendar

    This was a Dylan song that the Stones did a great cover of, which is how I first heard it. Fits the rules via the "Rivers Week" category. Shot by the Sangamon River near Springfield, IL, a spot that Lincoln once saw while running a flatboat south.
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    SOTU 552 -- Am, F, G (or G7), and C ONLY

    When my wife and I saw Robin and Linda Williams do this song as an acapella number, on the goodbye tour of Prairie Home Companion, it struck me very deeply - even though this isn't my "normal" kind of music. My Ukulele friend Sharron agreed to duet this with me as a waltz tempo song for you guys.
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    SOTU 551 -- WINE!

    I've been working on a uke version of "California Love", you just need half the class strumming between an Am and D7, and half , plucking the open G string then sliding their finger down the G string from first to second fret. Shake it, shake it, shake it!
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    SOTU 550 (!!!) "IT'S ONLY A MOVIE, INGRID!"

    You had what Bob Ross called a "happy accident", and I think it actually made the whole thing better.
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    SOTU 550 (!!!) "IT'S ONLY A MOVIE, INGRID!"

    So, "The Commitments" is a movie about the struggles of an up and coming Soul band trying to make it in Ireland. This Lei*Abouts cover of a "The Commitments" cover of the original Roy Head rocker is one of my favorite songs from that soundtrack and this is a cut of the band I'm in, The...
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    Season 547 - The Baggage Carousel

    Is there a final wrap up/result for this season?
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    Season 549: Paperback Writers

    I also did The Letter... but the Joe Cocker version, or, more fairly, in Joe's style at least. Got the tie dye on for this, in his honor. I put the song together by ear, which I'm proud of. It's all me playing and singing in one take, with background overdubs in Garage Band. I'm playing this...
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    Season 547 - The Baggage Carousel

    Was going to do "House Of The Rising Sun" but remembered one of my favorite Don Ho ditties and it's a good time for a happy song so here goes, mahalo for listening.
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    Season 547 - The Baggage Carousel

    Already liked it because it's Brenton, but you did a nice job on the cover.
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    Season 547 - The Baggage Carousel

    I loved it until you skipped the extra layered "put the load" and now we must be deadly enemies, sorry... ;-) I find this topic in that particular song as dividing as the proper toilet paper roll orientation.
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    Season 547 - The Baggage Carousel

    Leaving on a Jet plane.
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    Season 546...can we revisit Season 54?

    The "Wingspan" version was cut down from a quadraphonic master, I understand. I'm sure that must have had at least thirty stems in it. It depends on the song, of course, but on my Beach Baby song, that probably went to about 25 tracks, to get all the harmony parts in. My more typical number...
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    Season 546...can we revisit Season 54?

    Naw, the sax, I bought, and the drum track, but the bass (in garage band), the uke track, and all the vocals are mine. I tend to over-produce and get sixteen or so tracks going usually, but on this one, I took a tip from the "Stripped-down" version of the song released on "Wingspan". It's only...
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    Season 546...can we revisit Season 54?

    Here we go... Boomerang, our Budgie, makes a cameo appearance. He's a mix: half English, half-American. The English part gives him that Johnny Bravo pompadour and a mellow disposition, he's really quite clever, a great talker and mimic, treats dad coming home like he's a golden retriever...
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    Season 546...can we revisit Season 54?

    You could try compressing the file into an MP4 before uploading. VLC is free, cross-platform and drag-and-drop. I can give you a video tutorial to show how if you need it, but you probably don't need the help' it's pretty easy. VLC will crunch a 5 gig file down to around 300 megs, uploads...
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    Hot car

    I made this in Apple Garage Band with my little soprano and my Fender Jazzzmaster uke. I do all the vocals too. My son was telling me about his new car and I wrote this in ten minutes.
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    Hot in my Civic tonight

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    Season 545 of the ukulele-CALENDAR GIRL

    Reminds me of my Spring Break Challenge:-) But sweeter!