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  1. WhenDogsSing

    Electric Solid Body Ukuleles

    Risa is getting some competition:
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    Collings Appreciation Thread

    I will keep this one. Collings UT Custom. RIP Mr. Collings...!!!
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    Bill Collings Passing

    Taken from Collings' Guitars Facebook page: We lost our dear friend and mentor Bill Collings yesterday. He was the amazingly creative force behind Collings Guitars for over 40 years. Through his unique and innate understanding of how things work, and how to make things work better, he set the...
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    Collings UT1 All Mahogany Tenor S/N 1034

    Some more photos. Photos of the 2 nicks.
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    Collings UT1 All Mahogany Tenor S/N 1034

    I am selling my Collings UT1 all mahogany tenor, S/N 1034. As you may be aware, Collings has stopped making ukuleles and it is not known if they will again in the future. The instrument is in excellent condition. It has been played and shows very minor play wear on the backside of the neck and...
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    Koaloha Slim Line Tenor

    Two(2) more photos.
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    Koaloha Slim Line Tenor

    I am selling my Koaloha Slimline Tenor. I have too many tenors and am culling the herd so-to-speak. This instrument was made in February, 2014. This instrument is in as new condition, no nicks, bumps, or issues of any kind. Action is nice and low, no buzzes. Plenty of volume. It is currently...
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    USPS Package Inspection

    I recently sold an instrument and had it delivered via USPS overnight delivery. The delivery day came and went with no indication of a delivery being made through checking of the tracking number. I sent the buyer (who should and will remain anonymous) a PM telling the individual that I was...
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    Kamaka 100th Anniversary Concert

    PRICE REDUCTION I am selling my Kamaka 100th Anniversary Concert ukulele. I am downsizing, don't hardly ever play concert, and can use the extra funds for other uses. This instrument is like new, hardly played. No issues of any kind. It is set up to play easy, has a nice rounded warm tone, and...
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    Late 40s/Early 50s Gretsch Soprano

    Here is the photo of the crack described above.
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    Late 40s/Early 50s Gretsch Soprano

    PRICE REDUCED TO $ which includes shipping within CONUS. I got this instrument from a friend of my wife several years ago. Her husband had passed away and she was selling things and this became available to me. Her husband had bought it new back in either the late 40s or early 50s and had not...
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    Collings "Doghair" Tenor

    PRICE WILL BE REDUCED $10 A DAY UNTIL SOLD I am selling my Collings all solid mahogany "doghair" finish tenor in my ongoing effort to downsize my collection. I have 3 Collings tenors and can not justify keeping all 3, all things considered. This instrument has an excellent setup and plays easy...
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    NUD - Blackbird Farallon Tenor

    Here is a photo showing what your Farallon will look like in a Crossrock ABS case: It fits very well.
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    Larrivee soprano : bridge lifting?

    I was one who has had this happen to my Larrivee soprano. The instrument was kept in a case with humidifier and was never exposed to heat. Here is a photo of the bridge lifting. I'd like to think this was an isolated instance as all of the Larrivee instruments I have owned have always been...
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    Larrivee All Mahogany Soprano

    I originally had this instrument for sale back in October, 2016. I had a buyer for the instrument but I noticed that the bridge was starting to lift when I was packing it for shipping so I cancelled the sale at that time. I have now converted the bridge setup to a "string through top" since...
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    Mi-Si Pickups - How Do They Work?

    Mi-Si pickups do not use a battery. How do they work? I thought I had read somewhere that they used a capacitor somehow but I am not sure and that is why I am asking.
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    Godin MultiUke Acoustic-Electric Tenor

    WE'LL DROP THIS ONE $5 PER DAY UNTIL SOLD - CURRENT PRICE IS $400. I am selling my Godin MultiUke tenor because I am getting older and need to part with several instruments that just don't get played enough to justify keeping them, all things considered. This Godin acoustic-electric is a very...
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    Larrivee All Mahogany Concert

    I am selling my Larrivee all solid mahogany concert ukulele to help defray costs from my recent purchase of one of Andy Poe's gorgeous soprano instruments. This is my only concert scale instrument and it just doesn't get much playtime so it is going to be the next one to go out the door in this...
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    Larrivee All Mahogany Tenor

    I am selling my Larrivee all mahogany tenor to defray cost from the possible purchase of one of Andy Poe's gorgeous soprano instruments currently on the UU Marketplace. I have other tenors(Collings/Collings/Collings/Koaloha) that get more playtime than this Larrivee so, all things considered...
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    Kiwaya KTS-7 Solid Mahogany Soprano

    Here is another photo of the bridge showing more of the top of the bridge. The pieces that came off were actually splinters from the back of the bridge. The strings all anchor just fine.