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  1. ChrisDeston821

    It's been Eight Months since I've recorded anything.

    It's been a rough time really. A lots gone on. I'm not sure why I decided this was the song I'd record. The quality (sound, video and performance) aint great but it's up. Was hoping for some feedback? It's crazy comparing it to my videos from when I played every week..
  2. ChrisDeston821

    Two weeks off - Holiday, Engaged and First Gig Coming Up! (Long rambly thread)

    [SPOILER] This is a long rambly thread, it’s anecdotal and mostly about me proposing on Holiday, the first and last paragraphs however are ukulele related so for those who don’t want to read my mush feel free to skip over[/] Good lord, I have two weeks off here and my worlds flipped inside out...
  3. ChrisDeston821

    Video in Video

    I've tried the WMM2.6 PIP extras and they're pretty rubbish and the audio/video quality once it's mangled my vid is depressing. Does anyone know of any freebie alternatives? I've got a rough cut version of what my entry for this season could have been and it's looking pretty shoddy because of...
  4. ChrisDeston821


    Woke up this morning, checked the season, grabbed a green top, a nice hat, my uke and was straight in with no messing around this week (: This Tin Pan Alley song was originally written in 1899 by the team of Joseph E. Howard and Ida Emerson (Howard and Emerson), first recorded by Arthur...
  5. ChrisDeston821

    Loopy HD App - Feel Good Inc (Gorrilaz)

    My cover of Feel Good Inc by Gorrilaz for Season 112. I don't usually add a second thread for individual videos but I'm not sure how many people know about Loopy HD and I wanted to show a very basic idea of how it could be used. Do many multitrackers here play around with Loopy at all or are...
  6. ChrisDeston821

    Forum Calendar [bug]

    Couldn't find a bugs section but we're Stuck in 2013 - there's no 2014 on the main forum calendar - what's that abaht? :)
  7. ChrisDeston821

    Seasons of the Ukulele #103 Geometric Shapes.

    Aha, I get it (: but... Isn't a heart a geometric shape? And stars and crescents? Or am I off the bat here..? Yay or nay to the obscure shapes? Or does it depend on context? Cold, cold heart is about an organ but Heart shaped box is about a geometric shape :) But then most diamond songs are...
  8. ChrisDeston821

    Ukulele Underground User Map?

    Edit: Link to the Seasonista Map set up by Lumpy Wafflesquirt :) _________________________________________________________________________ Orig post: Talking about where we live, Lumpy Wafflesquirt said it'd be god if...
  9. ChrisDeston821

    Ukulele Porn (post your uke pics here...)

    Bitta sexy photography for my ipad lock screen and wallpaper, my newest uke - Ovation Applause UAE-20 from Santa (or my girlfriend, one of them are lying, I'm not yet sure which..) Click for larger images
  10. ChrisDeston821

    Season 99 - Selling Out.

    Selling Out - Mars Bars The Undertones - Mars Bar :D Much better than my entry for last week, but still hiccups in there, haha. The rustling you hear is my gf gettting the twix and the buttons ready (at the wrong verse) and then misses her self-made cue anyway! Ahaa. Recorded with an effects...
  11. ChrisDeston821

    Yet Another Manc for the Underground

    Had a quick search and seems to be a fair few from Manchester at one point or another, though many are old threads now hopefully some of y'all are still about (: I'm Chris, play for laughs not particularly seriously - first instrument and no lessons, had my Mahalo for a while now but was...