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  1. SurferJay


    Thought I’d tidy up my music area today. Realised I’ve got UAS. Not sure how it happened 😂
  2. SurferJay

    New Loop Pedal

    So I’ve been upgrading my gear and I’m really happy with the sound improvement/clarity. However, it seems that as soon as you go down this rabbit hole there is always a weak link that needs swapping out. So far my setup is this. Flight Carabao ) Misi Pickup ) LR Baggs Para DI ) LEKATO Loop...
  3. SurferJay

    Ukulele Friendly Keys (Low G)

    I can play a lot of scales/modes no and if I trawl through backing tracks on YouTube I can improvise in most keys. However, there are definitely keys I’m stronger in (like C Major / A minor) as I’ve just played them more. I know on high G the most friendly keys are C G & F .. I just wanted to...
  4. SurferJay

    Tenor Ukuleles - When, How & Why?

    I follow Alex from Southern Ukulele Store on YouTube. Great post by him on why the tenor is so popular… Thoughts?
  5. SurferJay

    Mini Mixer / EQ Pedal

    Hi All, So I was using a Cordoba 24 TCE with a built in pickup/EQ. I’ve got a new Uke and had a MISI pickup installed which is awesome. Most of my playing I build loops with a loop pedal.. Although the sound on the Cordoba was sub par the good thing about it was that once I built a loop I...
  6. SurferJay

    Flight Carabao - Sound Samples

    A couple of sound samples recorded on my phone (so not the best quality). Entire loop(s) recorded with the Flight Carabao. Enjoy 😍
  7. SurferJay

    Fluorocarbon Strings Fraying

    Am I unlucky? Is it just me… Previously brought some Fluorocarbon strings for my Cordoba Tenor… Within a couple of days I noticed they were fraying… I didn’t think to much about it and then the A string snapped. I had a spare set, changed them out and within a couple of days.. the same thing...
  8. SurferJay

    Flight Carabao All Solid Spruce/Mango Tenor Ukulele

    Just purchased one of these from Southern Ukulele Store. Super Excited!
  9. SurferJay


    Ok… So I’m not sure if this is solvable….. Setup: Uke > Loop Pedal > Fishman Amp Soooo when I turn everything on I get an annoying hum/buzz through the amp. 1. If I put my foot on the loop pedal switch (metal) the hum/buzz stops. 2. If I swap the amp out with a cheap battery powered amp the...
  10. SurferJay

    Connecting another instrument for looping.

    So, my current setup is pretty basic: Cordoba 24 TCE Fishman Mini Loudbox Amp Legato Loop Pedal (One channel pedal) I’ve recently purchased an Akai MPK keyboard and wanted to add it to my setup for live looping BUT I’m a bit confused.. I get that I’m going to need to upgrade my loop pedal to...
  11. SurferJay

    Did I make this up?

    So I was just messing around and started off with a very unoriginal C G Am F chord progression and then started adding some layers. I quite liked the way it was sounding.. When playing it back I now think it’s a song I’ve heard somewhere else… Did I make this up?
  12. SurferJay

    Crediting Other Artists (Youtubers)

    I've arrived to the stage in my Ukulele journey where I've found my niche (looping) and have started to build a 'set list' of 10 songs (probably enough to fill an hour of playing). My process is simple. - I choose a song that can be looped. - Research versions of it on Youtube on multiple...
  13. SurferJay

    Pedals that work with Uke.

    Hi All, Im looking to upgrade my setup and wanted to get some decent pedals that work with the Uke. Ideally I would like something which keeps the original sound of the Uke but enhances it. I’m interested in reverb, delay and compression pedals that people use with the Uke..
  14. SurferJay

    Greetings 😍

    Hi All, Often read these forums but took the plunge and signed up. I’ve been playing the Uke for about 1.5 years and have got so much from this beautiful instrument. Looking to contribute & join the chat 🕶