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  1. greenie44

    Looking for a good ukulele store in London UK

    Hi all - A friend of mine is just starting out on uke and lives in London. I was thinking about pointing him towards an in-person store for his first uke, and immediately thought of Duke of Uke, but it looks like it is currently closed. Can anyone recommend another good place in the London...
  2. greenie44

    Collings UT2K for sale

    This was the first magical ukulele I ever bought. Getting this Collings UT2K was an enormous step up for me, and it added a whole new level to my playing and sound. But I have a few other ukes which I play a lot more, and this wonderful instrument should find a new home. Not a lot to say about...
  3. greenie44

    Simplistic question

    Hi folks who know this stuff - I am just a uke player with a number of ukes. The neck on one of my inexpensive ukes has recently begun to pull away from the body, to which is was glued. The uke is cheap enough that I would not want to pay someone to fix it, but wondering if there is something...
  4. greenie44

    Kinnard Family Picnic

    I hope it is OK to post about this recent event, as there were not many folks who were able to attend, but it really shed some light on what is great and special about the ukulele community. One of the things I always hold up as a positive for my favorite instrument is that ukulele players are...
  5. greenie44

    6 string string sets

    Hi all - I have recently become much more sensitive to the strings on my ukes, and (unfortunately) come to feel that my favorite set for a tenor is the medium gauge Southcoast set. I'm working on figuring out a substitute for those. Meanwhile, I recently put some GHS strings on a 6 string...
  6. greenie44

    And this is what happens

    The ukulele community is a wonderful place. Over the years I have made many acquaintances and a few friends through this forum and related connections. Just wanted to share a connection that was made over about half the world. I was recently in Japan for business and ended up at a great uke...
  7. greenie44

    Would higher tension strings help?

    This is a question I probably should have thought of a while back. I have a small problem with one of my ukes. It is beautiful, has a wonderful sound, the whole package. But there is one problem. When I play it, especially the first string, I can easily move the strings as I am fingering...
  8. greenie44

    Strings popping while in case

    Hi all - This has happened to me 4 times in the past couple of months. I open my uke case to see a string has broken. All the ukes are better ones, and all have Oasis humidifiers in them. I wonder if I am doing something wrong. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  9. greenie44

    Good deal for sheet music solution

    Hi UUers. I looked around for a long time to find a good solution for sheet music for my uke chord charts. I finally settled on MobileSheets, which really does it for me - stores charts, allows you to create setlists, scrolls the sheets in a flexible way. I mention this because I recently got...
  10. greenie44

    NUD - The BKV Tenor

    I've been patiently waiting for this beauty for a while now, and it does not disappoint. A custom Kinnard with book matched Cocobolo back and sides, a bear claw Sitka spruce top, slot head with new Gotoh tuners and a MiSi pickup. The pictures don't fully do it justice in the looks department...
  11. greenie44

    Kanile'a Super Tenor K-1 Premium

    Kanile’a Super Tenor K1-ST Premium for sale. I’m thinning the herd to make way for some new ukes. A Super Tenor is a standard tenor with a larger lower bout, which seems to enhance the sound quality. Wonderful instrument, with really stunning Koa, well deserving of the Premium label. You can...
  12. greenie44

    How does someone start making ukes?

    Hi all - Forgive me in advance for asking what is probably a pretty dumb question. An old friend of mine, who has been a woodworker all his life, asked me the other day how to get started on making ukes. I am not at all experienced in this area, but what would you experts recommend as a...
  13. greenie44

    2nd Annual Obing Ukulele Fest

    Some of you may know, or know of, The Ukelites, members of our community who live in Munich. Yesterday they produced the second annual Ukulele Festival in Obing in Bavaria. I both attended and performed, and it was one of the greatest days of my life. There were a wide variety of performers...
  14. greenie44

    NUBD - and an idea!`

    I got a surprise birthday present a couple of days ago - a Gretsch double ukulele case, like the one shown here. I like it a lot on first inspection - lots of pockets, etc, and it fits both my 6 string Lanikai and one of my other ukes well. But then I began to think about an upcoming trip I...
  15. greenie44

    Saturday Night Before Christmas

    I have loved this song since I first heard it decades ago. It's by the late great Coco Robicheaux, and it's a blues - be warned! I'm happy with this version, and hope you all like it. It is, in fact, the Saturday before Christmas, and night in some locations...
  16. greenie44

    Ukes in Calgary?

    Just heard I have a business trip to Calgary in November. Any uke players, groups or stores up thataway? Thanks in advance.
  17. greenie44

    Blue USB microphones on sale today, Friday, 9/11, an online discount site, is offering a couple of Blue microphone models today. The site is at I have a Yeti that I like, but I am far from an expert in these matters.
  18. greenie44

    Completed tribute collaboration for Jillian Johnson

    Hello all - Some of you may be aware of an effort here at UU to create a collaboration in memory of Jillian Johnson, who was killed in the shooting rampage in Lafayette Lousiana a little more than a week ago. Many great members of the UU community pitched in to offer their parts. The result...
  19. greenie44

    NUD (to me) - Ooops, how did this happen

    If you are someone who was like I was - someone who thought their UAS was in complete remission - you might want to stop reading right now. I was at the Ukulele Fest in Oahu a couple of weeks ago, enjoying the hospitality of Hawaii Music Supply at their tent. I was NOT in the market for a uke...
  20. greenie44

    Seasonistas - can you help to heal?

    Hi Seasonistas - i don't mean to steal any thunder from BDU's Season 180, but I just started a thread in the Uke Talk forum with a request for uke players around the world to contribute to a collaboration that would be a tribute to Jillian Johnson, who was killed in Lafayette Louisiana last...