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    Ukulele University single classes

    How do you buy a single class? It seems that you only have the option to buy the full set of 101. I only want to buy just one class from 101. Has anyone ever done this before? If so, how?
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    Good uke shop around Chicago, Nashville, Chattanooga or Atlanta?

    We don't have any shops to go to that offer a nice selection of ukes and accessories. Chicago is 3 hours away (and I prefer to go the suburbs to avoid the madness of the city). I travel a couple times a year to Nashville and Chattanooga. Any place that would offer great selection in any of...
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    Cutaway or no cutaway?

    Aside from any debate over the sound issue, what do you prefer as far as looks go on a tenor - - cutaway or regular?
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    Specific uke strap

    I have seen some generic posts in here, but I was hoping that someone could specifically mention a brand name for a uke strap that I could buy. I do not have a strap knob (or whatever the official title is), so it would need to hook into the sound hole. Anyone have one that they like?
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    Greetings from Wisconsin

    My name is Kelly. I bought a uke about two weeks ago and have been trying to learn chords and stuff from this website as fast as possible. I think I finally understand chunking! Looks like I just missed out on the UU University start date. Maybe next time... I have played piano for quite a...