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  1. brUKEman

    Beltona Concert Resonator

    Beltona Concert Resonator Purchased 2016 - Good Condition. Cutaway Fiberglass body with Blue Sunburst Paint. Coverplate & Cone are Aluminium. Maple bisquit bridge Sapele Mahogany Neck Fingerboard Indian Rosewood Headstock Veneer - Koa Wood Gotoh UPT Tuners+ 2 Black metal strap buttons Daddario...
  2. brUKEman

    Zoom Concert (setting up video)

    I know how to set up a zoom concert but how do I get better video/audio quality then I currently get from my laptop. I see people using mics/amps but how do they hook them into the system. Are they using other cameras. Just want to do a decent video with decent sound. Thanks..
  3. brUKEman

    Looking for Tenor Fluke Case

    Purchasing a Tenor Fluke directly from Fleas Market. Should I go with their standard Soft Shell padded gig bib or does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions for a Tenor Fluke Case.
  4. brUKEman

    WTB: Tenor FLUKE

    Anyone have a Tenor Fluke made by Flea Market Music with a Koa Top, hardwood fretboard, peghead tuners and pickup that they would like to sell. Please let me know.
  5. brUKEman

    Uke Class for Kids

    My local library has asked me to run a 4 week Ukulele for Kids course (ages 7 - 15). I assume there will be some new students and some who have been playing awhile. I'll probably just show them the basics on how to hold/strum the uke. Some basic chords and simple songs. Does anyone have...
  6. brUKEman

    WTB Fluke ukulele made by Flea Market

    Looking to buy a Fluke (Concert or Tenor) with Hardwood fretboard and peghead tuners with pickup. Preferably Koa but will consider other woods.
  7. brUKEman

    Roland AC33 & 2 PA50 setup

    I currently play small venues like nursing homes. I am using just a Roland AC33 for my uke plug in and I also have one mic plugged into the Roland. This setup is adequate, but I also own 2 PA50's. Do I need to use them and if so what would be the best setup. Do I get a small mixer and run...
  8. brUKEman

    Any alternatives to for a ukulele group

    Looking to start a ukulele club. I have used in the past but they now have no file sharing so I am looking for an alternative. I know I can build my own website but I liked the convenience of being able to bring in members since it is so well known. Any ideas or thoughts...
  9. brUKEman

    Transitioning from uke to Harp Uke

    Has anyone here switched from a standard uke to a Harp uke and how difficult was the transition. I do a lot of chord and melody and think those extra notes would sound really great. I am pretty set in my 4 string uke ways and don't know how difficult it would be for me. Any thoughts would be...
  10. brUKEman

    Beltona Tenor Resonator string suggestion

    Looking for suggestions for my new Composit Beltona Tenor Resonator Uke. Right now it has Aquila strings which I feel are too bright and too hard for finger picking up the neck. . Would like to retain the "High G"
  11. brUKEman

    WTB Mya Moe Resonator Tenor

    Looking to purchase a Mya Moe Tenor Resonator Uke either Mahogany or Koa in good condition. Let me know what you have?
  12. brUKEman

    WTB Mya Moe Resonator Uke

    Looking for Koa or Mahogany Mya Moe Resonator Uke .
  13. brUKEman

    Stuart, Florida -where's the UKE action

    I'm going to be going down to Stuart, Fl. for a couple of months and was wondering if anyone could fill me in on what kind of uke events/happenings/clubs/open mics/uke groups etc. exist in the area. Also, are there any good music stores nearby. I'm sure I can find many nursing homes to perform...
  14. brUKEman

    Resonator - Switching from High G to Low G

    I current have a Mya Moe Tenor Resonator with a High G. I was thinking of switching it to a low G. Has anyone tried this and does a Low G work well with a resonator. If so what string set do you recommend.
  15. brUKEman

    Uke Sale on "Stupid Deal of the Day"

    I found this deal if anyone is looking for a Lanakai Uke. Looked like a pretty good deal.
  16. brUKEman

    uke2heal movement

    I have read all the literature I could find on the uke2heal movement and was wondering if any groups out there participate and can share some stories. What I do know about uke2heal is that there motto is "we don't raise money, we raise spirits". I have a small group and we like to go and play...
  17. brUKEman

    Combining Files to create a Book

    I have several songs in PDF files which I wish to combine and create a book. Does anyone know of some Free Windows Software that can do this. I have the free Adobe, but they want you to pay $10 per month to use the service. Thanks.......
  18. brUKEman

    Good Deal on Banjolele

    Here's a link to a good deal on a banjolele. It's the stupid deal of the day so not sure how much longer it's gonna be offered. I'm not sure of the quality, but for the price - seems great.
  19. brUKEman

    Resonator Ukes - What do you like to play with yours?

    I have a Tenor Resonator uke (High G) and I love to play Tin Pan Alley type songs on it. I also like to play it in my group as it can be heard above the other ukes. I also sometimes play with a piano and my unamplified uke is lost in the volume of the piano. When playing with the resonator it...
  20. brUKEman

    My UKE collection spelling out the word UKE

    Here's my uke collection spelling out the word uke. It is for the HMS contest. If you like it, please go to below link and give me a vote: