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    I love it in the South in the summer

    Not the heat and humidity (brutal this year) but the produce. It's harvest time in Tennessee. Last night we had eggplant parmesan with fresh-from-the-garden eggplant and sauce made with fresh home grown tomatoes, fresh green beans and corn on the cob and cucumbers straight from the garden. So...
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    Experience with Curlykoa

    Just wanted to let others know that I have ordered mahogany uke sets from curlykoa twice recently and had a very pleasent experience both times. The orders were shipped in a reasonable amount of time, were well packaged and were exactly as advertised. I don't know enough to speak about his...
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    Englemann spruce tops from LMI

    Just in case anyone is interested LMI has AA grade Englemann spruce small instrument tops for $6.05 each, $5.40 each if you buy 3 or more. They measure 21"X 5"X 3/16" for two book matched pieces. I just recieved two sets I ordered recently and they are really nice clean tops. They aren't...
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    I don't like Padauk

    I recently bought some padauk and found that the dust from sanding stains EVERYTHING! It turned the maple neck I was using pink. It didn't seem to matter how careful I was I would always get the dust on my hands and it would end up somewhere it wasn't supposed to go. The wife is not amused. On...
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    What do I need to know about 6/8 string ukes?

    In my quest to build the perfect (for me) ukulele I have been thinking about building a 6 string or an 8 string tenor. What kind of things might rise up to cause me problems unique to those styles?
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    The worms crawl in chords?

    My daughter likes to go to some of the sci-fi/fantasy conventions. She decided that I need to make a coffin shaped uke for a costume prop for Dragoncon. I told her that she needs to learn a suitably macabre song to play on it and the first one that came to my mind was "the worms crawl in, the...
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    thickness of back/sides effect on volume ?

    I suspect that the sound board is the main driver for volume but what effect if any will the thickness of the back or sides have on the volume of sound produced by a ukulele? For instance, if you had a design that didn't need sides bent would it matter how thick the sides were?
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    Factors affecting tone bright vs mellow?

    I know that the type of wood used in construction of the body/sound board are supposed to have an affect on the tone of a ukulele, spruce sound board on a maple body = "bright", mahogany sound board on a mahogany body = "mellow". Other than the strings used what other factors will influence the...
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    Some things I've learned so far

    If you truely learn from your mistakes then I should be a pretty smart fella' by now. Unfortunately I don't really think that's the case. However, I have learned a few things while trying to cobble together a couple of ukuleles and here they are in no particular order: 1. Sometimes being a...
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    1st two done

    Here are my first two attempts: The one on the left is a concert with Oregon myrtle back, spruce top and poplar neck. The one on the right is a mahogany soprano with a Mainland neck and a cedar top. Surprisingly enough they both sound pretty good, at least to me. I went at these completely...
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    Just wanted to say thanks

    I really appreciate all of those who are so willing to share their vast store of knowledge. In so many areas of life people are less than willing to share what they know. Thank you to all here who have been so willing to help. I also want to thank all who have been willing to stick their necks...
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    Low G on a Mainland mahogany

    I Have a Mainland mahogany gloss concert that I really like. Only problem has been that the tone seemed a bit "muffled". I think that this is a result of the lower, warmer tone of the mahogany and my high frequency hearing loss (result of a misspent youth). Seems that some of the complexity is...
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    "You and Me" from Victor/Victoria chords?

    Does anybody know the chords for "You and Me" from the movie Victor/Victoria? It's a duet by Robert Preston and Julie Andrews. I've tried surfing around the error-net for it but to no avail.
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    WaverlyStreet Uke #85

    I recieved my prim shaped uke from Dave yesterday. Check out his sight for pictures . I think the prim shapes are really neat and this one came with some nice wood figure and geared tuners. I was half hoping that someone else would buy it first to remove the temptation but since...
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    Took the "Mainland" plunge

    Back about a year or so ago I bought an Oscar Schmidt OU-3. It may be bad or it may be good as ukulele's go, I don't know. I have never had anything to compare it to (not many ukes around my neck of the woods). Recently I have been overcome by the desire to upgrade. So, having heard good things...
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    Pass Me By

    Hi guys. New guy here. Does anybody know where I can find the tab for the song "Pass Me By" by Cy Coleman and Carolyn Leigh? It is playing on the radio in the first part of the movie "Father Goose". I've looked everywhere I can think of with no luck at all. Thanks