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    Kamasami Kong

    Don't know where to post this but was just wondering, are any of you UUers in Japan or Hawaii familiar with radio personality Kamasami Kong? He was going to do a show about ukuleles, did anyone hear it? I ask because I knew him when we were kids.
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    Kala U-Bass Thoughts

    Have had my U-Bass about a month and absolutely love it. Took it to Abbey Road on The River Beatles festival over Memorial day weekend to use at the all night jam sessions in the hotel. Quite a few top notch bass players from bands playing at the festival played it and loved it as well, they...
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    Where are they? Kala U-bass, Epi Les Paul Uke.

    Been trying to buy a Kala U-bass and an Epiphone Les Paul uke for several months, where are they? Why do companies promote things they cannot deliver? Frustrating, any ideas?
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    Fluke action

    Haven't posted anything for a while but have been lurking periodically. Have a question, how do I lower the action on my Fluke? It has the plastic fretboard and bridge, love it and love the sound but the action is a little high for my taste. On my other ukes I simply file the saddle a bit but...
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    Beatle Fans

    The world's largest Beatles related festival! Since many on here are Beatle fans, thought I would share this. Abbey Road on the River takes place in Louisville Ky. Memorial day weekend from Thursday thru Monday. This will be our 5th year going, to say that it is a blast is an understatement...
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    What Uke, song, are you playing right now?

    Just wondering, and just for fun, what Uke and what song are you playing right now? Or last Uke and song you played. I am playing my Lanakai LU-21 TE, playing, kinda, Hey Bulldog. It's 6:36 est according to my atomic clock on the wall.
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    My songbook on

    I'm sure has been mentioned before but I would like to bring it to the attention of newbies here like myself. What is so cool is that you can change the chord diagrams from guitar to uke, mando, banjo. You can also transpose +5 to -6 semitones. I just published a songbook with 99...
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    Bengals Mahalo

    While watching the Cincinnati Bengals play, and defeat the Pittsburg Steelers today, I was sanding down the saddle on my orange mahalo. Have been wanting to add some custom touches to the uke. Said to myself around half time that if the Bengals win I would customize it with some black tiger...
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    Got a Mahalo today

    I know these have been panned, but I think I'm Gonna like it. Instead of moving up, I moved down for my second uke. I'm a low end instrument kinda guy, will share some of my guitar collection sometime. Anyway, I wanted to try one of theses cheap ukes, I got the Orange one, I like Orange. With...
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    I tried to post earlier, to make a long story short, I put a Tyler Mountain stick on transducer in my Ibanez cocert uke, love it. They are for sale at for $21.95. Well worth it for more inexpensive Ukes.
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    Beatle Fans

    Go to My wife and I have been going for the past 5 years, it is an absolute blast! I'm new to the uke but would like to have some ukesters there for the late night sing a longs. Check out the bands, guestbook, activities etc. I am not affilated with this event but I love...
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    Happy Halloween

    Late post but Happy Halloween everyone! Monster Mash Chords C-Am-F-G.