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  1. jonyoon

    My first ever music video!!!

    **Apologies to the admins/mods for the cross-post if that isn't allowed. If it isn't feel free to remove this post** Hey UU'ers! I know I don't post much (life and work get in the way, not to mention the practice time that never seems to be enough of!), but I wanted to share something that I'm...
  2. jonyoon

    My first official video! (Bonus: It's about Bill Nye the Science Guy!!!)

    Hey UU'ers! I know I don't post much (life and work get in the way, not to mention the practice time that never seems to be enough of!), but I wanted to share something that I'm so proud of here. So my first six-song EP (ukulele pop focused) was released about three years ago. Since then, I...
  3. jonyoon

    Tuning Ukulele to Lute Post?

    Hi everyone, I recall that someone was cool to create a PDF that showed how to tune your uke to make it sound like a lute and had chord shapes. However, I can't seem to find the post with the PDF docs in question. All I remember was that you tuned down one of the strings (the C string I...
  4. jonyoon

    JHUI teaching seminar in Vancouver, BC - July 19th-20th

    Hey everyone! I took the plunge and decided to go for my James Hill Ukulele Initiative Ukulele Teaching Certification! Anyone else enrolled in this that will be attending the Vancouver, BC seminar in two weeks?
  5. jonyoon

    Yakima Folklife Festival & Vashon Strawberry Festival (July 9th & July 17th)

    I'm performing at the Yakima Folklife Festival on Saturday, July 9th and also performing at the Vashon Island Strawberry Festival on Sunday, July 17th! Both festivals are free, but...
  6. jonyoon

    Ukulele Jam at Folklife Festival in Seattle!!!

    I've been given the honor of hosting an ukulele jam at the Folklife Festival in Seattle for Sunday, May 29th at 5pm! ( It's a free event, but I am taking donations which will benefit the Melodic Caring Project ( MCP streams live concerts to...
  7. jonyoon

    Just a basic ukulele giveaway

    So I decided that I would put on my first contest/giveaway! For December, I am giving away this Uke'n Play ukulele kit! I bought one just on a whim a few months ago and it actually doesn't sound too bad! The accompanying book and CD are also a pretty decent for the absolute beginner, but if...
  8. jonyoon

    The Chicago Tour!!!

    I'm finally visiting my old stomping grounds for about a week and I'm going to do a few shows while I'm at it! All of them are free and the first one is All Ages! Hope you can come on by to one of them!
  9. jonyoon

    Crossroads by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Yes I really did cover that song! FYI - The chords are easy (F#m7, G#m7, A, Bmaj7) The lyrics however are another story! Watch it via the link above and enjoy!
  10. jonyoon

    Seattle Ukulele Musicians - Response Needed

    Aloha! If you are a performing musician that is local to the Seattle area and you're looking to expand your gigs, then this message is for you. I've had to turn down quite a number of various gigs lately due to prior commitments and when asked if I knew of any other musicians that played...
  11. jonyoon

    Awesome is...someone covering your original song

    ...and actually doing a better job than your original. I am truly honored to hear someone else's take on my stuff, especially the first song on my EP. Cover:
  12. jonyoon

    My uke brings all the donations to the yard...

    I presented this to the Melodic Caring Project at the Meiko show a few weeks ago. And yes, expect that ukulele ninja to be on t-shirts and stickers soon.
  13. jonyoon

    Hey Mariana (Original Song)

    My friend George shot this at my CD release show last night. I was a little tired from my busking efforts this month, so my voice isn't as solid as I liked it to be, but I did like how the live video was done. This is the fourth song from my new EP Purple Roses, Coffee Beans, and All Things In...
  14. jonyoon

    The blessing of a Willie K 5-String

    During my set today for my Busking For A Cause fundraising efforts (more information here -! ), I ended up having the Low G string break on my Oscar Schmidt Willie K 5-string...
  15. jonyoon

    Busking For A Cause in May & CD Release show on May 15th!

    It's been a long time coming, but I finally got my physical CDs for my new EP! If you are in the Seattle area, I hope you'll come to my release show. It's going to have some great local performers in addition to featuring the songs from my album...
  16. jonyoon

    Pretty White Lies - First Video!

    So this was a video my friend George put together from my gig earlier today. This is the first song from my new EP Purple Roses, Coffee Beans, and All Things In Between which you can listen to on my website at or my Bandcamp page at
  17. jonyoon

    April 25th - Free Show! Forza Coffee by Greenlake (Seattle, WA)

    Jake Shimabukuro is going to be in Seattle on the Saturday at the Paramount Theater. But until then, you can ramp up to Jake's show by coming to mine the night before for free!!! So if you're in Seattle this Friday, swing on by to Forza Coffee...
  18. jonyoon

    2014 Gigs (so far!) and CD Release show!

    Aloha UU'ers! I have a few shows coming up! Some of them are free or at least they're really cheap! ============= Saturday, March 22nd - Arlington, WA @ Rhodes River Ranch w/ Evangeline and Aaron Willsie Band! Thursday, April 10th - Seattle, WA...
  19. jonyoon

    March 22nd - Bellingham, WA - Special House Show!

    I have an upcoming gig on March 22nd up in Bellingham, WA where I'll be playing with Evangeline! I'll have more details as I get them, so please stay tuned to this post or you can be kept up to date via my website at And...
  20. jonyoon

    First EP and Website! -

    Aloha Everyone! My first EP and website officially launched today! Six songs, all ukulele originals! Please checkout my music on my website and sign-up on my mailing list to get a free download of the EP if you like it but don't have the $5 to spare. :) Hope you...