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  1. JoeyJr858

    SD Meetup for a good cause... March 18, 2012 (Ski Beach - San Diego, CA)

    Howzit everyone, just wanted to see if anyone would like to meet up for a couple hours and jam some songs for a good cause. I'm helping my good friends raise money for their son (w/ Team Kolu) for their Race for Autism. My Polynesian entertainment group will be having a mini Tahitian Drumming...
  2. JoeyJr858

    WOW UU... 2 kids later and I'm finally back! =)

    love all the site changes! Looks good bruddahz! so yeah, 1 month ago yesterday I had my 2nd baby... girl this time, but yeah 1st born's doin' great! I've been missing all kines uke updates! haha, but I'll try to frequent more often again! Au'rye n Alooooooooooha! :shaka::shaka:
  3. JoeyJr858

    Tahitian Drum workshop in San Diego

    Howzit everyone! I know a lot of people in the ukulele world actually come from Halau's or some form of Polynesian entertainment group, so I figure I would spread the word on the forums if anyone's interested. Pacific Arts Dance Studio's is hosting another tahitian drumming workshop by the...
  4. JoeyJr858

    Stanley's Gig DVD

    anyone ever watch it? I'm debating on buying it on Amazon.
  5. JoeyJr858

    BJ Penn or GSP POLL

    Gsp... is going DOWN!!! BJ PENN BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what?
  6. JoeyJr858

    MOST expensive uke you've touched/played?

    wearymicrobe brought his custom Kanilea to Dericks workshop in San Diego yesterday... I won't disclose the price, but I will say it's a good down payment on a car! HAHA it's actually REALLY SAWEET!! Sounds and looks incredible! Plus there was a $7,000 taylor guitar there. I got to play it a...
  7. JoeyJr858

    took a while, but here's my 1st YouTube vid

    usually too nervous to post footage of me playing uke! Stagefright, but ONLINE!!!! lol :p
  8. JoeyJr858

    Da Mac Band... MIRA MESA L&L's...

    Hey UU fam! I'm jumpin in on the fun sitting in on drums w/ Da Mac band, THIS Saturday, at the Mira Mesa L&L's. =) These bro's jam on the Ol' Skool R&B, Funk, C&K, Kalapana, and Jawaiian jams! Should be good fun! Come out and chill from 6-8pm, bring the fam and friends for dinner, and most...
  9. JoeyJr858

    Ukulele Workshop in San Diego - January 2009

    Hello UU fam!!! After having such a great turnout last July for Aldrine Guerrero and the Ukulele Underground's workshop... once again, the Pacific Arts Dance Studio is proud to announce that we will be hosting yet another great ukulele workshop to Maui's virtuoso, Derick Sebastian. Check him...
  10. JoeyJr858

    Another last minute SAN DIEGO hang TONIGHT!

    yes last minute... me and the buds seem to work better on spontaneous decisions based on our already hectic schedules. LOL Anyhow, Me and a couple friends (Flo and DanMichael) are having another last minute bonfire hang tonight in Paradise Pointe just by the bridge. Bring wood, ukes...
  11. JoeyJr858

    San Diego Jam Session... OCT 18 (THIS SAT)

    Hey my fellow UU's, I know it's SUPER LAST MINUTE, but... I'm gonna throw a small bonfire/jam session w/ my ukulele students and some other friends. If you wanna come out and jam... I'm looking at either shelter island or crown pointe @ 630pm to whenevers!! So if ya wanna cruise... bring...
  12. JoeyJr858

    Martin Strings question...

    just curious. I just noticed on a pack of C.F. Martin soprano strings that the notes are B, F#, D and A. Why are they sold like this and not as G,C,E,A? The above can be tuned to G, C, E A tuning yes? Here's a link to the string details.. Thx
  13. JoeyJr858

    MAINLAND repairs?

    in So Cal... are there any? I can only think of McCabes in Santa Monica, but that's 2 hrs north of me. HOLLA! :D
  14. JoeyJr858

    Ukulele and Tahitian Drum Classes start THIS weekend!!!

    Aloha everyone!!! Sorry this is last minute, but I am once again starting a new session for ukulele classes @ the Pacific Arts Dance Studio in the Miramar area. I am pleased to announce that we will be offering 2 new classes: KIDS (ages 6-10) from 3-4:15pm under the instruction of Janelle...
  15. JoeyJr858

    Las Vegas in October

    I'm heading to Vegas the first weekend of October for a wedding. So Oct 3-5 Fri to Sun... I'm probably not hangin w/ the bridal party too much so wanted to see if anyone wants to jam some uke or knows where I can go to see some uke, jawaiian, etc. I know the old strip and California hotel get...
  16. JoeyJr858

    TAHITIAN drumming workshop THIS Sunday!

    Howzit everybody... Late July we were blessed to host an Ukulele Underground workshop featuring Aldrine, Ryan and Aaron, and this weekend we've got another goody... the legendary Tahitian Drummer, T.Fere Itae, of Te Maeva! He's only in town for a quick vacation with his family, but was able to...
  17. JoeyJr858


    VEGAS DEC 6th... is the projected fight date, but NOTHING SOLIDIFIED... I'll be freakin out if it goes thru. It'll be the FIGHT of the DECADE!!! But, statistics in weight, reach, size and class aren't favoring it to go thru...
  18. JoeyJr858

    Blackberry Bold or Thunder?

    My only girpe is touchscreen versus Qwerty Keyboard... whatchu guys think?
  19. JoeyJr858

    the ideal uke setup?

    say you had the money... and you wanted a custom uke. How would you set it up? A mix of diff woods? A mix of certain brands of strings? And how many strings? Single hole/double hole? What brand ukulele? Acoustic/Plug-in? etc... Let loose on this... I'd love to hear others opinions...