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    SOLD: Near mint Kiwaya KTS-4 solid mahogany soprano w. Kala Sonoma gigbag $500/£380

    I am selling my Kiwaya KTS-4 soprano ukulele. It's the latest version of the KTS-4 with planetary Gotoh-tuners. I bought it from Southern Ukulele Store in august 2020. The setup has not been altered - so it is as intended from Kiwaya. It's in perfect condition and I'm including a Flight...
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    SOLD - Near mint Kiwaya KTC-2 solid mahogany concert ukulele - PRICE DROP: now £450/$600

    Since I am in the process of downsizing my ukulele collection, I am selling my Kiwaya KTC-2 koncert ukulele. This is the "modern" version with plantary Gotoh-tuners. It's in perfect condition and I'm including a Flight humidifier and a beautiful Kinsman hardcase. The price is £550/$750 £500/$680...
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    FS: Gorgeous Uluru Sedara III tenor (solid cedar/mahogany)

    As much as it pains me, I'm slimming down my uke collection. So - I'm selling my wonderful Uluru Sedara III tenor. This is an outstanding instrument, hand build in Vietnam and with incredible sustain and sound. The top is cedar and back and sides are mahogany with a bone nut and saddle (35mm...
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    (Changed my mind) Vintage Martin style 0 soprano

    I am in the process of scaling down my ukulele collection which means that I am selling my vintage Martin style soprano. I bought it in september 2020 from an estate in New York. It had very, very old nylon strings on when it arrived, so - as far as I can tell - it hadn't been played for...
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    SOLD: Incredibly rare and beautiful Kiwaya KMT-K koa tenor

    I am going to regret this but I am determined to slim down my uke collection so I'm selling my incredibly beautiful and rare Kiwaya KMT-K master grade koa tenor. Kiwaya rarely make tenors and even more rarely in their Master Series. The instrument is build in the style of a Martin 5k from the...
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    FS: Flight Voyager Tenor

    I am scaling down my uke collection so I am selling my beloved Flight Voyager tenor. It's the 2nd generation of the Voyager model so it is lighter build than the previous generation. One example of this is the Kanilea-style drilled holes in the bracing. Another 2nd generation thing is that it...
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    FS: Kala 6-string (Kala KA-SA-T6) & 8-string (KA-SA-T8) solid akacia tenors

    These are gorgeous instruments that, for some reason, do not appear to be available from Kala anymore. I'm selling the 8-string for $320/£225 with a kala light case included. The 6-string tenor is $160/£115 with a kala light case included. This instrument has a hairline crack at the front...
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    NUD: Martin Style 0 (from 1947-56)

    So this arrived today 🙂 My first original Martin! I bought it on eBay a couple of weeks back. It is in much better condition than I expected. It has a set of very old strings on. I tightened the tuners, tuned it up - and it was ready to go 🙂 The sound is phenomenal! Since it has Kluson tuners...
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    NUD: Kiwaya KMT-K

    Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans... Just as I had decided to focus on sopranos (and an occasional concert) for a while, I ran into this irresistible beauty on the Marketplace 🙂 A Kiwaya KMK-T. It sounds and plays absolutely amazing and feels so much like a 1930s...
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    Extended fretboard vs. classic fretboard: difference in sound?

    I recently saw someone somewhere on the web claim that the difference between the Kiwaya KTS-4 and the Kiwaya KTS-5 is like "night and day" because of the extended fretboard on the KTS-5. The person claimed that this judgement was based on playing both instruments in a store. What is the general...
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    NUD: Kiwaya KTC-2

    New ukulele - a Kiwaya KTC-2 concert! 😍 I have mostly been playing tenors but the last two months I have been focusing exclusively on sopranos - and coming from two months with sopranos to this - my first concert ever - I think I can imagine how the players of the 1920's must have felt when the...
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    Kiways in D tuning

    Kiwayas in D tuning I feel sad for all the Kiwaya sopranos that were returned because it didn't occur to their owners to use D-tuning :D That was the tuning that was popular for sopranos when Kiwaya began making their instruments - and the Fremont Blackline strings Kiwaya have been using for...
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    A new ukulele player in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Greetings all I played the lute for many years and first bought a guitarlele to my daughter and now - yesterday - an 8-string Risa Koki'o ukulele. She's very excited about it - and so am I :-) Cheers, Jannik