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  1. agilitydog

    Got Very Lucky Today-Question about Equipment I was Given

    I was given three almost new pieces of equipment today: A Craftsman Professional 1 3/4 hp hybrid table saw with a Biesemeyer Fence; a General International 24 in Horizontal double Drum Sander; and a Delta 31-396 6 inch 3 hp Oscillating Edge Sander (220 single phase). Everything is a giant...
  2. agilitydog

    Nexabond 2500 Experience?

    Yes, it's about glue. Apologies, I searched first. If it's (Nexabond 2500, CA type glue w/o water or solvent base) already on Rick Turner's substantial glue list by some other name, another luthier's addendum/counterpoint, my thanks for letting me know and let's close this thread now. If none...
  3. agilitydog

    Fixing Stripped Threads on a Jet/Performax 10-20 Drum Sander

    Todd Stock over on added to Ken's Jet/Performax 10-20 solutions for those interested.
  4. agilitydog

    The Luthier's Pot of Gold

    Animusic has been around awhile. What caught my eye was the second comment by "btjohns", offering a million $ to build it. Only a "few" conceptual steps away from the instrument Linda Manzer built for Pat Metheny Rick, Pete, Ken, Chuck, Alan et al...
  5. agilitydog

    Life on Four Strings Reviews

    Don't know where to post this most appropriately. Those of you in Hawaii got to see Jake's PBS, Life on Four Strings last night 3/12, I think. Those of us elsewhere have to wait until May. Any of you folks who saw it care to let us know how it was? Though I just saw Jake a few weeks ago at a...
  6. agilitydog

    Ukulele Data Collection Help

    In addition to building, I've been in the process of setting up a data collection system based in large part on David Hurd's work. In in SoCal and thought I'd hunted down a couple of David's tenors; they had, however, been sold. If you are aware of any of David's or Chuck Moore's ukulele's in...
  7. agilitydog

    Aussie Help Needed- Euc Id

    II know that I have a remote love affair with Australian trees. But I don't know how you keep them straight-such a remarkable diversity. Two Eucalyptus trees were cut down in my neighborhood (Los Angeles area). I've been told by local tree folks that the two trees in question (of which, I...
  8. agilitydog

    Radius: Tops & Backs-Random Numbers, Designed Ratios?

    My hope is that the title of this post suggests that I've pored over everything I can find on this forum related to this subject and that I'm trying to better understand the thinking behind building choices. I know that Pete has reported using 22/12; Chuck, 25/15; Dom, 20/10...
  9. agilitydog

    CNC Router/Mill Plans

    Anyone familiar with these CNC plans? : I get these CNC info updates from Ivan Irons periodically. Ken are you there? Thanks for feedback
  10. agilitydog

    Remarkable Wood Resource

    Los Angeles is not the first place that comes to mind when one shops for that special piece of stock from a large inventory. After visiting Sierra Madre Sawing and Milling (JPL and the Rose Bowl adjacent!), it really took my breath away... 50,000+ board ft of Ziricote, Cocobolo, Honduran...
  11. agilitydog

    Space Junk Recycling

    Sounds like Australia (along w/the Pacific Ocean and Canada) is at the top of potential "distribution zones" for this falling bus size satellite. Which creative Aussie luthier will incorporate a piece of it in an "out of this world" uke build? I'm assuming that no one used a part of the...
  12. agilitydog

    Soprano (circa 1920's) I.D. Help

    Hope this is a good place for this post. Every few months my bass player friend pulls an old instrument out of one of his closets. Last time it was a 1937 Epiphone that needed binding; this time it was his mother's childhood ukulele (probably 1920's). Would like any information that anyone...
  13. agilitydog

    Living In the Country (Pete's Version)

    I've got the guitar tabs. Need help with the high g ukulele version. Any pointers/tricks for transposing if the tab doesn't already exist? Thanks
  14. agilitydog

    Radiusing Top Lower Bout Only Question

    Summary: 25' radius, centered at the saddle, everything below the lower waist bar similarly radiused, lower waist and above flat. Spanish heel construction, solera lower bout dished to 25' as above. Would brace gluing order matter? Problems? Modifications? Find another hobby? Thanks
  15. agilitydog

    Lutz Spruce--Anyone W/Experience

    I just got some beautiful Lutz Spruce from British Columbia. Anyone ever tried it with a ukulele? Or if you've built another instrument with it got any ukulele advice? --- Like don't do it or save it for a guitar or, if you must, try it with "x" wood backs and sides for a ukulele. FYI: I...
  16. agilitydog

    Heating Blanket Control Schematics

    The new fox bender control unit has both the higher power circuit and the pid controller unit fused separately -fast acting 10amp fuse and 1amp slow acting fuse respectively. Can anyone point me in the right direction to understand this double fusing setup. I've been working from and older set...
  17. agilitydog

    Heating Blanket Question

    Is there any advantage (or disadvantages) in placing a small heating pad (5"x5" like the one LMI suggests using for the waist bend) on the top side of the wood at the waist in the spring steel/heating blanket/side/spring steel sandwich and using both together -- essentially heating both sides...
  18. agilitydog

    Saf-T-Planer & Other Used Tools

    Are there any resources where all those used but "currently unused" tools might be available for purchase? Essentially, the StewMac/LMI recycled...before they get listed on ebay. I'm looking for a safety t planer and several other less widely available tools. PM if you wish. Thanks
  19. agilitydog

    Ervin Somagyi

    I know who Ervin Somogyi is, but can anyone offer input about his two volumes on building. I love learning but I can't afford the regular set for around $250.00 and really can't afford the leather bound set for $750.00 (I think it's personalized) whoa! How much is the ukulele version...
  20. agilitydog

    Mississippi Blues Tab

    Used to play this on guitar. Just started the ukulele. I saw someone playing it on a ukulele but can't find any links. Thanks in advance for any pointers.