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  1. iDavid

    What little guitar is this?

    Saw this guy on idols and really enjoyed his song. What guitar is this? thanks!
  2. iDavid

    Sound-ports on concerts?

    I have a sound port on my Kinnard Tenor and love how it brings the sound to me as I play. I assume the same would be true of a concert, but want to make sure I am not missing something. thoughts on sound-ports on concerts?
  3. iDavid

    How low is low?

    How low can action be set at the first fret and still be good to go? Can I carbon fiber/ ekoa instrument be set lower than wood, due to it not changing with weather conditions?
  4. iDavid

    Favorite Baritone?

    Looking into getting a really nice baritone. suggestions?
  5. iDavid

    Zero Fret: Pros and Cons?

    What do you all think about a fret on a uke? I heard it makes it easier to fret at the first position.
  6. iDavid

    Another Kinnard Build :)

    My Kinnard build is up a running! It has been a pleasure to work with Kevin. I have sent endless emails and learned much about wood combos, just a great experience thus far. Tenor: 13 fret Top Material: Red Cedar Back and Sides: Honduran Rosewood Binding: Curly Koa Rosette: 3 rings Bridge...
  7. iDavid

    Sound side port?

    What do you guys think of them? Benefits? Drawbacks?
  8. iDavid

    What is your favorite wood combination for a tenor?

    I know the build has more to do the sound than the wood, but I am curious which wood combination people like the best. Which guitar as such, I am an all Mahogany guy. When it come to ukes, I am not really so sure.
  9. iDavid

    Did someone say, "Baby Brother"? over at Kinnard

    Just saw this and thought I would share the info, but I really have no info.... However, the picture is fantastic.
  10. iDavid

    Thoughts on current Martin Ukes

    I got to play a Martin 2 Tenor. The store was pretty busy, so I couldn't hear it all that well, but it seemed pretty nice. I really loved the neck, very easy to play. Any thoughts on the different models. Are they worth the money?
  11. iDavid

    Ubass set-up?

    I've played a few ubasses over the last couple of days and really like them. I was wondering if they need to be set-up or if they come from the factory set-up fairly well. I am looking for an all mahogany fretless which I can't find in stock, so it seems I may need to order one.
  12. iDavid

    Uke Size and tension?

    I was noticing that my soprano is WAY easier to play barre chords on compared to my concert, and the concert is easier than my tenors. Is the tension just less on the smaller instruments? Is it the shorter scale length that makes it easier? OR, is it the width of the fretboard. Both the soprano...
  13. iDavid


    I am toying with getting a 5-string uke. I usually play high-g, but have played Low-g from time to time. Whenever I play a low-g uke, I miss the high-g ring. I figure the 5-string might be the ticket. I was wondering if playing the low-g and high-g separately is doable, or if one is just...
  14. iDavid

    Dark Koa vs Light Koa?

    Is there a tonal difference between light and dark koa? We have two KoAloha concerts in my home. One is light with a gloss finish and the other is dark with a satin finish. The darker one is also a few years older. The darker one sounds warmer for sure, but overal the two sound very similar. I...
  15. iDavid

    Clawhammer Ukulele by Aaron Keim

    Clawhammer Ukulele by Aaron Keim This instruction book is a 10 plus. It is clearly layout with nicely illustrated tab and explanations. There are YouTube links for just about everything in the book. It really is a step-by-step process and if you take the time to go through the book page by...
  16. iDavid

    Tell me about you Blackbird uke and Stings?

    I played a Blackbird uke this summer and was pretty impressed. It was fairly expensive and I passed on getting one. Since then I bought a nice Martin Guitar and had put the uke aside. I had a hand injury a few years back and thought all was well. HOWEVER, it appears that the guitar and my...
  17. iDavid

    Neck Widths

    I have a KoAloha concert with a 1 3/8 width nut and a Kanilea Tenor with a 1 ½ width nut. It seems me that this is backwards. Shouldn’t a shorter scale instrument have the wider neck and a longer scale instrument have the narrower nut? I am toying with getting a concert with a 1 ½ neck…...
  18. iDavid

    Low-g concerts?

    Do any of you use a low-g on a concert scale uke? Just wonder how it holds up, sound-wise. I plan to give it ago, when I get the strings. String suggestions?
  19. iDavid

    Kiwaya KTC-1 vs Collings UC-1?

    I think I might be missing out, not having an all Mahogany uke. Anyone played both of these? I've played Collings and I wasn't blown away, but I think I might have been expecting it to sound more like a K-brand, rather than what it is. I was blown away by the workmanship and playability of...
  20. iDavid

    KoAloha Addicted! pineapple or long-neck?

    I find that I am playing my KoAloha Concert and Soprano constantly.I am would like to expand the herd. I have two daughters that play also, so I am ponding which would be the next. Do they have a long-neck pineapple?