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  1. Uke-alot

    A cracked ukulele brought me here...

    Normally people install cleats across the back of the soundboard to stabilize cracks (in addition to forcing glue into the crack), but as you noted you can't do that in this case. I'm not absolutely convinced that changing the tuning caused this. It sounds like you identified the proper...
  2. Uke-alot

    A cracked ukulele brought me here...

    Maybe post some pictures?
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    Any strong opions about why not to shellac the inside of the soundboard?

    There isn't any common finish that will prevent wood from reacting to changes in humidity. Finish might slow down the speed of change a bit, but sooner or later the wood will either absorb or release moisture and expand or contract in response to that change. Finishing the insides of furniture...
  4. Uke-alot

    Replacement for discontinued Savarez strings

    I've used a Savarez Alliance KF95A unwound carbon string (0.95 mm, 0.0374") for low G on tenor ukes. This is a 2 meter harp string that yields three low G tenor strings. I combined this with the C, E, and A from a regular Aquila nylgut set for tenor.
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    plate warping opposite of dome shape

    Just curious. If this happens, is the plate done for? Or ir you glue it to the rim with sides sanded on the same radius dish, could you pop it back and have the rim hold the arch in the right direction? These may be simplistic questions, but I'm fairly new to this.
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    Neck Reset Soprano Ukulele

    You might be belaboring the point needlessly. I'm not sure that the OP necessarily wants anything other than a flat-set neck. I think he or she just wants whatever angle yields the right action at the 12th fret (3 mm). The uke may have started out with the neck set flat (let's say zero...
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    From satin to gloss

    I can't comment on whether a particular product will work. But assuming it adheres properly and all that, you might get a better result by adding more finish on top and polishing that.
  8. Uke-alot

    From satin to gloss

    Me too, but it might depend on whether the satin finish was created by the application/sanding/polishing process or was inherent in the finish.
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    From satin to gloss

    But be aware satin finishes are sometimes achieved by adding a "flatting agent" to the finish designed to diffuse light reflection. If that's the case with this instrument, then additional polishing probably won't achieve a truly glossy finish.
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    Any budget bandsaw for bookmatching?

    I upgraded from a 10" vintage Delta Homecraft bandsaw (1/3 hp motor) to a Grizzly 14" bandsaw with cast iron wheels and riser block (1 hp) a little over a year ago. The difference is like night and day, and I wish I made that move much earlier. It should be noted that my old saw may have been...
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    I plan on attempting a ukulele made from North American cherry, with a red cedar top sometime later this year. So no useful information for you at this time, but it is beautiful lumber.
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    How bad is plywood exactly?

    I have the good fortune to live a reasonable distance from the Magic Fluke factory in Sheffield, MA. Also, my wife has owned a Magic Fluke Flea with a colored hoop pine ply (i.e. laminate) soundboard for many years, so I'm pretty familiar with it. Anyway, I bought a Fluke tenor at the factory...
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    Should I Buy One?

    I have a planer head for my radial arm saw, which is the same concept as the safety planer, but bigger. I've used it a couple times for bigger workpieces, and it was ok if used very carefully with light cuts. I might try using it for thicknessing soundboards and backs (I don't have a drum...
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    Neck angle correction

    For those not in the know, the evil scientist villain in Phineas and Ferb always calls his doomsday machines "_______-inators." Your machine called the "Flossinator" made me think of that. Although your machine is clearly a force for good and not evil. :) Perry the platypus ("Agent P") is the...
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    Neck angle correction

    Cool idea. Are you a Phineas and Ferb fan by any chance?
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    Nuts and saddles?
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    Recommendations for Benchtop Band Saw and Drill Press

    Too late now, but I would have advised that the 14" band saw was the one indispensable larger tool. Especially if it had a fence, miter gauge slot, and decent resawing capacity.
  18. Uke-alot

    UK bandsaw blades.

    I'm not familiar with Axminster band saws (I'm in the US), but many smaller bandsaws are limited in how much they can be tensioned in the first place. So a blade that can take more tension may or may not be helpful to you.
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    Thickness planer

    Just putting in my $0.02. Last year I upgraded from a 10" 1960s Delta Homecraft band saw to a 14" Grizzly G0555LX with the 6" riser block (that's the one with 1 hp and cast iron wheels), and lets just say that it was a quasi-religious experience. ;) I've just done experimental resawing with...
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    Body not at 90 degree at neck joint

    I would use an adjustable t-bevel to find the current angle of soundboard to the area where the neck mates to the body, then use the bevel to guage how much material needs to be removed from the neck to create the complimentary angle. Remove most of that material with the neck in a vise, maybe...