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  1. Laouik

    LFdM Ukaferri IV

    FS: LFdM Ukaferri VI Hello! Sad day for me, happy day hopefully for someone else. I'm moving and I have to make tough decisions. I'll be keeping my custom "petite bouche" 2014 LFdM, but must part was with instrument, my first tenor. It's been played a lot, but also taken care of very well...
  2. Laouik

    Just got my Calton case!

    Hello! Full review in a few posts as I can only post four images per post... So I just received the Calton case I ordered in mid-December. They admittedly had a production delay, but now it's here! I've no relationship with Calton or its dealer. I just wanted to share my findings as this was...
  3. Laouik

    New LFdM vid / MiSi pickup sample

    Hey-o, posted this near the end of my NUD thread, but thought I'd share here also. I need to take more videos... you know when you listen to yourself and wince as you realize what you're doing? Yeah. That. I need more of that to improve (notably timing and tone, for the latter especially the A...
  4. Laouik

    NUD: Custom Luis Feu de Mesquita Tenor

    NUD: Custom Luis Feu de Mesquita Tenor (now with video) It's heeeeeeeere. I picked it up from Luis's workshop last week, but had to travel all of last week for work. And I've been playing it all weekend with no time to take pictures. Or eat. Or... yeah. It has a Sitka Spruce top, with a...
  5. Laouik

    Progress of my custom LFdM

    So a few months ago I splurged and ordered a custom LFdM tenor. I have one of his spec ukuleles (#6, one of the early ones), which will be my low-G and this new one my high-G tenor. It's near completion and couldn't help but share some pictures! Sitka top, milo sides and back, leopardwood...
  6. Laouik

    Hardwood Comparisons

    Came across this series on YouTube. Perhaps of use. Yes, guitars are discussed, but I appreciated the descriptions of the tonewoods! If anyone has anything better/complimentary/additional it'd be awesome.
  7. Laouik

    Favourite Sophistications

    I'm curious. What are people's favourite added details, features, functions? Sound port? Arm Rests? Certain exotic wood? What's something you didn't think was worthwhile until you experienced it and now want it on all your ukes?
  8. Laouik

    Hard Cases

    Hullo. I'm starting to look for a case for a new ukulele that's currently being built. I'm just looking to see what options I have. It's going to be a special instrument for me, so looking for something that'll take care of my new instrument. I'll share what I've done so far in the hopes that...
  9. Laouik

    Luis Feu de Mesquita ukulele videos

    A while back people were asking me for videos of my LFdM tenor uke... still nowhere near as good as most people out there. Recently found out he now has a Facebook page with some vids being posted. Thought it might interest some of you!
  10. Laouik

    "Mr. Dowland's Midnight" [video]

    From the "Lute to Uke" book:
  11. Laouik

    Präludium by Carulli

    Some classical music on uke. Haven't posted in yonks... home everyone is well! I was a bit bored after a long day, decided to turn the camera on.
  12. Laouik

    Luis Feu de Mesquita Ukes

    Hullo! So I've been keeping in touch with Luis, who build my tenor ukulele. He' sjust finished four ukes... thought I'd share his work: He's mentioned that demand for ukuleles are almost exceeding those of guitars... he's amazed.
  13. Laouik

    Flamenco luthier focusing on building ukuleles

    Hello! The luthier who built my lovely tenor ukulele, Luis Feu de Mesquita, has been getting numerous orders... to the point that it's all he's been building for the last couple of months. I just wanted to share the ongoing process. The last few pictures were taken in the last couple of days...
  14. Laouik

    LFdM is going ukulele crazy!

    After I got my spectacular LFdM tenor, Luis got a few more orders... this time he's posted pictures of his build process. Man he puts a lot of effort into each one...
  15. Laouik

    Falling Slowly vid.

    A lovely little song... From the movie "Once"... Another one of Woodshed's tabs on ukehunt. It'll get smoother in time.
  16. Laouik

    Humidifier for ukulele

    Hellooooo. I did perform a search but... nothing clear came out of it. Humidifiers. I won't need one in Toronto until late fall, but I'm starting research now. The only humidifier I've used thus far has been the Dampit. I gave it to the person who acquired my KTS-4 because, frankly, I don't...
  17. Laouik

    Categories for groups

    Suggestion - create categories for groups. Possibly starting with "Instruments", "Regional" and "Social"
  18. Laouik


    It looks like there'll soon be more members with LFdM ukuleles :music:
  19. Laouik

    Toronto - Midtown Get Together

    Hello! There are tons of ukers in Toronto, but only a couple of groups it seems... The Corktown Jam is great, but unfortunately Wednesday evenings don't work for me. Would anyone be interested in getting together to share tips, play and have fun? If sunny, why not gather outside! Please PM...
  20. Laouik

    Chance of a lifetime!

    Heh heh heh. This guy's got UAS bad. BAD. Or does he have a bad form of UAS?