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    Names on Ukulele Fingerboards

    Anyone else remember using black electrical tape to put their group's name on the bass drum? Brings back fond memories. 😊
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    A backpack for uke?

    Jansport makes high quality reasonably priced backpacks. They have a lifetime warranty! I've had products repaired or replaced by them over the years. Red Oxx makes bulletproof products that also have a lifetime warranty. I inadvertently sliced open one of my bags & they repaired it for me...
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    Names on Ukulele Fingerboards

    Believe there's a difference between putting your name on the fingerboard & the model name of the particular instrument (Les Paul & Chet Atkins models).
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    Swapping Strings - How Long Before You Know/

    Apparently, I'm the minority here - I can tell as soon as I tune the strings up to pitch. Still have to through the days of stretching.
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    I'd recommend three pedals: reverb, chorus & compressor. Haven't had any for years, but I recommend Boss cuz they're built like tanks. Recently got a Boss OC-5 - bought it to fill out the bottom end when I play finger style guitar. There's a setting where it will synthesize a note an octave...
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    Names on Ukulele Fingerboards

    Back in the mid-70's, worked at an engineering firm where all the engineers had HP-35s or 45s. Had to borrow one & wondered where the "=" was. Learned how to use RPN & found that it's a much better system.
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    Names on Ukulele Fingerboards

    Have noticed that quite a few ukulele instrumentalists have put their names on their fingerboards. The only others that I know of are country western guitarists. I mean full names, not small logos like Jake's. Anyone know why they do this?
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    Wil Buying an Expensive Uke Make Me Abandon What I Already Have?

    These are guitars, but should apply: Classical guitar, bought in 1974 for $100 incl cardboard case. Rosewood laminate back & sides, solid spruce top. Inherited a Taylor hybrid a few years ago w/ maple body, solid spruce top, Fishman electronics. Both sound very different & I play both of...
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    One Uke Only

    Gotta admit that I'm envious of all the ukulele players in my group that carry their relatively 'tiny' cases to our jams! 😆
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    One Uke Only

    Zero ukes, BUT: Terada classical guitar 1975 - used daily, outdoor/sketchy gigs, Irig Acoustic stage if need amplification Peavey Dyna-Bass 1984 - too many guitars at jams so wanted something different Suzuki CG200 classical guitar - bought used in 2020 cuz wanted a nicer one (immaculate...
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    Pickup noise

    My Fishman combo pickup has an under saddle & mic. Can vary the mix of the two sources. The under saddle has less extraneous noise, but doesn't sound as good as the mic. My iRig acoustic stage (Mic & preamp) sounds better than my Fishman & was a lot cheaper. I would take the better sounding...
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    Tooting the Flute Too.

    Just remembered this performance of my favorite Jethro Tull song:
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    Tooting the Flute Too.

    Once while we were jamming at Waikiki, a pro flute player joined us. She was great. You folks should bring your flutes to your next jam/practice.
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    Does anyone...

    I don't play one, but our group is fortunate to have someone who plays it very well. Really adds another dimension to our overall sound. In addition to ukulele, we have guitars, bass, banjo, cajon & steel guitar. (Unfortunately, no conga or drummers.)
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    Used to play the trumpet in intermediate school - am thinking that the didgeridoo can play different notes, depending on your 'buzz'. Maybe it could be used for the back-up parts of this song?
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    A Visit to the Dark Side...and Now a Frequent Visitor!

    I play guitar, shaker or bass with several UKE groups. Since ukuleles occupy the higher registers, these instruments help to fill out the sound. Have noticed that UKE groups are more open to folks with a wide range of ability, including beginners. Guitar groups usually have a much higher...
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    Someone gave me....

    Totally agree with Mike $ - I heard a music store employee playing a LP Mini-bongo while I was on a trip to Guam. He sounded fantastic, like he was playing congas! Bought one when I got home & practiced via YouTube lessons. Even after several months of trying, I sounded nothing like the guy...
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    I'd been going to Japan a lot, so expected the same selection at a 7-11 I visited on Guam. No such luck - no bentos, sushi, noodles, or O nigiri. Only thing they had was hot dogs. My uncle used to work at the Hawaii Kai golf course. He said the Japanese visitors were surprised so see...
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    +Family Mart 😎
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    Is it possible to play this in a group? Been trying to figure out how it would fit in - maybe like a baritone sax? My friend has a rain stick; not sure how that would work either. If there's enough ukes on a song (& am not playing bass), will play a shaker for variety.