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  1. SeattleSean

    Best Songwriting book?

    Hi fellow ukesters! I am interested in learning about songwriting. Amazon seems to have a lot of different songwriting books and I'm not sure which one to pick up. Anyone have a recommendation for a good songwriting book?
  2. SeattleSean

    NUD: Moore Bettah whale & hibiscus concert

    Since NatalieS posted her octopus tenor today (, I thought I'd share one of the siblings from the same batch. This week I was delighted to take delivery of a concert model from Chuck, which has a...
  3. SeattleSean

    DIY Uke 'backpack'

    hi all! I am getting a Vespa, which I'm incredibly excited about! Since I live along the coast, I have this idea of strapping my uke case onto my back, so I can then idly play on the beach. Anyone have a suggestion about a good way to essentially turn my case into a backpack? I"m sure I could...
  4. SeattleSean

    'Something' Chord suggestion for low-G uke

    Hi all! I have been noodling on a finger-stylie version of Something, on my new Low-G uke that I am still getting used to. (Here's a link to the version I'm using: My question comes from the 3rd line in 1st verse...
  5. SeattleSean


    Hi all - i was just curious if anyone knows why/how the term 'luthier' came to describe one who makes ukeuleles, guitars, violins, etc., even though few people are actually making lutes these days. Is it as simple as the fact that 'luthier' sounds better than ukeleleier or some other tortured...
  6. SeattleSean

    Hi from Seattle

    Hey there everyone - 38 year old M, & just picked up a ukulele and started playing about a month ago. As my screen name would imply, I live Seattle. And, I'm taking lessons at my local music store, Dusty Strings. Played piano as a kid, but never played any stringed instrument, so while I know...