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  1. bengbengchicken


    HOW IVE MISSED UU & YOU GUYS<3 long absence.. lets get back and touch(: HELLO OLD FRIENDS AND HOWDY NEW PEOPLE(:
  2. bengbengchicken

    Just you and me -Zee Avi cover No video): but theres a picture of my face :{DDD goodenough ^-^
  3. bengbengchicken

    sunday morning cover

    by maroon 5 a typical cover(:
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    Looking for keyboard(:

    Heey guys ; ive been on a journey looking for a yamaha xd100 Anybody know anybody who played the talkbox ? :) Mine broke and since then ive stopped playing and i really wanna get back to it. Ive looked on craigslist and ebay and the keyboards there have broken keys x.x And i do have a...
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    So i was bored at my moms work yesterday ...

    So i decided to do this with 10 post-its, 3 high lighters, a pair of skizzors and a family sized can of boredom. Hmm. . the more i looked at it, the more i wanted to buy an uke with bright colors(: Oh, and thats a whale . x]
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    three word story

    Well; its 1:23AM and i wanted to post a thread. i guess i shall make a new game thread(: i kinda wanna see how far this one will get . x] Soo three word story is a game where you make a continuous sentence with only using THREE words for each turn. another point to this game is to try to make...
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    Oh it is love cover ?

    One of many covers out in the sea of YouTube. awkward recording if i do say so myself(: comments, please? :D
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    Someone stole my UU button!

    some guy grabbed my bag and ran away with it only thing missing was my button me very very sad :(
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    A bunch`o birthday card sayings needed pleeeease

    Heellloooo There, Tomorrow is my first ever best friends birthday Im going to FLOOOOOD her locker with home made birthday cards and ballooons (: What should i write down on the cards ? So far , i have one. And it just says happy birthday. <.< Lets be waaay up on the creativity level :D I...
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    Favorite Song to Play ?

    Heeeyy! WHats that song that you have the most blast in playing? (: Right now, mine is "Moondance "
  11. bengbengchicken

    Phobias ?

    Goodmorning,afternoon,night ;D Do u guys have any phobias ? Soy un poco curioso x] Im coulrophobic, which is having a fear of clowns ): Ooohmy goodness. They just scare me soo much .. like :eek: How about you guys ? Surely, im not the only one here with a phobia .. right? D: Hehehe; Jkaay...
  12. bengbengchicken

    I learned i had a microphone in my computer!

    Sooo the first thing i did was record my ukulele playing (: even tho im fighting a cold.. i was just excited that i couldnt wait.. HAHA x] But yess... this is what i came up with
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    i<3FRIENDS (: Everything, to me, is just Awesome. Awesome with a capitol "A" (: Great stories. Humor. The actors and actresses have great chemistry on set. LOOVE the characters. Catchy Theme song. I just love it (: I have decided to embark on the journey of watching all episodes.. All. Ten...
  14. bengbengchicken

    Slap the keyboard!

    OKaaaay so if u dont know how to play; You slap your keyboard and whatever letters come out, you have to make a sentence(: Ex. mdskalldbsa = Monkeys dont sell koalas at lunar landscapes down by south america :D so heres mine: iogytrfb = i only give yogurt to random fluff bunnies
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    Creative writing?

    my teacher said i should go into creative writing. i dont think so. She said i should write something and ask people how they feel after reading it. well; i wrote this in 3 minutes, just so that i can procrastinate my Algebra Homework (= I lay here, beneath the blankets, hiding from the...
  16. bengbengchicken

    my cover of Where did my baby go

    My first post(: Haha anywho; can ya guys tell me things i need to improve please? i have to perform this for about.. 30-40 people and i dont want to seem.. bad in a way THAAANKS ;DD Big smiles and Hugs; Becky