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  1. Oldscruggsfan

    Which movies made you cry?

    The scene in “The Cowboys” when the kid loses his glasses & gets trampled by the cattle always gets me. Death of Little Ann in “Where The Red Fern Grows”. And, finally, the final scene in “A Wonderful Life” when George Bailey finds the copy of Tom Sawyer signed by Clarence. All that hokey crap.
  2. Oldscruggsfan

    Low or High G for learning?

    You answered my specific questions. Thank you.
  3. Oldscruggsfan

    Oil/ lube for cheap open backed geared tuners

    Thanks, Duckyl for mentioning that. Now I remember running the sharp tip of a No 2 pencil into banjo bridge slots to stop minor buzzing which is the same concept. At the time, it didn't occur to me to lube the uke tuning machine with graphite powder.
  4. Oldscruggsfan

    Low or High G for learning?

    Mike - Particularly from someone with your depth of experience, I appreciate the response and had wondered what tuning Jake used. I share your affinity for that unique uke sound. Also, because I have a 5-string banjo background, I'm spatially and acoustically accustomed to having a high-G top...
  5. Oldscruggsfan

    Low or High G for learning?

    Having owned a uke one-third as long as Jim, I share his question but from a slightly different perspective. If I change out my High g for a Low G, will that change all the movable chord SHAPES I've learned, or does it simply change the order in which I'll roll/ pluck the strings when working...
  6. Oldscruggsfan

    Library of Congress: Herb Ohta, Jr

    OK, so I had it right in the first place. Thank you for confirming, Larry.
  7. Oldscruggsfan

    Library of Congress: Herb Ohta, Jr

    My mistake. Both Herb's and Jake's ukes are KoAloha tenors.
  8. Oldscruggsfan

    Please Pray for Paco!

    George, I'm very sorry to hear about Paco and about your wife's COVID test. After two similar pet experiences, Terri and I made the conscious decision to acquire no more pets. The first was Mitchell, a wonderful Saint Bernard/ Mastiff mix who looked and acted exactly like a 150-pound black lab...
  9. Oldscruggsfan

    Library of Congress: Herb Ohta, Jr

    I had no idea. What a wonderful duet. Pardon the silly newbie question but are both Herb's and Jake's ukes Kamaka tenors? Ending with Herb's instrument-only solo of SOTW was an added treat! I've got to learn the "Rock-A-Bye-Baby" chiming pattern.
  10. Oldscruggsfan


    Writing your thoughts/ worries down will get them off your mind. I’m no expert but I strongly suspect that #6 is an often overlooked root cause of insomnia. I sleep well and have always resisted having a TV in the bedroom. In contrast, my wife often falls asleep in front of the living room TV...
  11. Oldscruggsfan

    Oil/ lube for cheap open backed geared tuners

    Thanks for the tip. I've had the same experience with WD40. It works far better when sprayed in the cylinder of a lawn mower engine to reduce plug-fouling than as a long term lubricant. One of my many regrets is that I failed to buy and hold shares of WDFC stock two decades ago. It's long been a...
  12. Oldscruggsfan

    Oil/ lube for cheap open backed geared tuners

    Soon after wearing out the first set of strings on my rubbish DIY kit soprano (the one shown in my avatar), I noticed an annoying grinding/ semi-binding in the open backed C string tuning gears. I first thought I'd gotten something between the gears such a fragment of toothpick. When a close...
  13. Oldscruggsfan

    Tv show binge watching recommendations?

    Most recent Gran(d) Tour eipisode (Clarkson, May and Hammond) is hilarious & interesting. All is filmed above the Arctic Circle. Any fan of Subaru, Mitsubishi or Audi will get a real kick out of it.
  14. Oldscruggsfan

    How did you end up here?

    Back in May of this year, I reached out to Jim Beloff at Flea Market Music, trying to gauge the market for soprano uke sound body stickers of my original cartoon art. Jim was very helpful in enabling me to see that there was zero market demand for my product. I’ve since shut down my uke art...
  15. Oldscruggsfan

    Names on Ukulele Fingerboards

    Obviously I'm all in on the cat's head, Neil_O! (see my avatar). I'll add the option of spades, stars, clubs, diamonds, maple leaves, Fleur de Lis, the Hawaiian bee eater bird, possums, buck deer, various running vines and shamrocks. Yes, I intentionally omitted hearts. Martial symbolism should...
  16. Oldscruggsfan

    Hurricane -florida ... I am scared.

    Please forgive the silly question but ate you saying you don’t have transportation or that you just don’t know where to evacuate to?
  17. Oldscruggsfan

    You can tell a cat grew up around musicians when…

    . . . If you're referring to the one that has the spikes just behind its ears and seems green around the gills, I agree. Ugliest cat I've ever seen.:ROFLMAO:
  18. Oldscruggsfan

    Swapping Strings - How Long Before You Know/

    A couple weeks to settle in has been my experience as well, but since I struggle to fit in more than half an hour of daily practice time, fourteen calendar days yields a maximum of 7 hours of direct string-stretching. I'm just past week 2 on a new set of High g Fremont Black Lines and they're...
  19. Oldscruggsfan

    You can tell a cat grew up around musicians when…

    . . . such as, "Everybody Wants To Be A Cat"?
  20. Oldscruggsfan

    SOTU 554 "Swayin' to the tempo of a squeezebox melody" Songs About Instruments

    Now that you mention it, Jim, I'm working on a Key of G cover of Bruce Hornsby's 'Mandolin Rain' but will defer to any fellow UU-er who enters it first. I have the verse down pat but for the chorus am struggling with the quick change from Am to G and have yet to perfect the longer-held C chord...