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    Anybody have the tabs for this arrangement of Rainbow Connection?

    same, would love to have it!
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    Humidipaks (or other long-lasting humidifiers) and leaving a solid-top instrument on its own for a few months?

    I was worried about this when I bought my Kanile'a. I reached out to the company directly and they suggested I use humidipaks. To be honest, I moved my uke from the Kanile'a gig case to a hard shell case, but have not had any issues with humidity with the uke in the case and the humidipaks. I...
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    Scammer alert - chris24global

    I wasn’t suggesting that person was scamming - and I’m glad they chose to stay, just the thought that if someone wants to leave the forum, it would be nice if they could delete their account so an inactive account doesn’t get hacked and then become a scammer - I also just think that a person...
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    Scammer alert - chris24global

    I think this could prove a reason to be given the option to delete an account. I’ve seen a post or two recently about a person wanting to delete their account, but not having the option to do so.
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    what are you reading?

    REALLY?? I just read this last week.. and have never felt like anyone just.. understood and "got it"!
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    I don't think this is cool at all

    That's so disappointing.
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    Pono Concert

    I love the library sticker! (I work in a library)
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    Kala KA-ASMHG-T - solid spruce/solid mahogany tenor (HMS exclusive) PRICE DROP-$225!

    I’ve never seen black nut and saddle. That’s very cool!
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    One Uke Only

    I have only one ukulele. A Kanile’a K1-T Natural.
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    Thinking about getting a pad

    I thought similarly - either a pad of your own OR there was some sort of fancy arm bezel pad thing okay :). for the record, I love iPads. I recently bought a MacBook Air and am considering selling to buy an iPad!
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    Forest Gump Feather Theme

    Attached is the pdf of the below photos:
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    Mainland Red Cedar Tenor review

    I know this is an old thread, but I just love your attitude on this.
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    What’s your ukulele “hot take”?

    I have only one ukulele, a Kanile'a K1-T, but have been feeling interested in a soprano lately - and looking at Martin's. Which do you have? (Sorry to hi-jack the thread).
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    Hard Cases vs Gig Bags

    I only have one ukulele and have two cases for it. My uke is a Kanile'a K1-T and I have the Kanile'a gig bag it came with, but purchased an Oahu hard case from TUS/HMS because the humidity levels were dropping in the case during the winter (I live in Pennsylvania and have forced heat). I like...
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    Possible Scam?

    I'm big on "following my gut." If something doesn't feel right, I often/usually won't do it.
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    SOLD! Martin S1 Soprano w/ deluxe tweed hard case mint

    What is the brand of the tweed case? Has it been stored in a humidity controlled environment?
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    SOLD! Martin S1 Soprano w/ deluxe tweed hard case mint

    Curious where you purchased this uke and if it's been properly set up?
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    Fountain Pens and Paper

    Yes! Goulet is where I bought my first two just last month. A pilot Kakuno and a pilot Metropolitan!
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    Feelers: trade Kanile

    I hate these errors. Trying again. I have a kanilea k1 tenor. Would like to trade for an acoustic guitar of equal value. I am located in central Pennsylvania.
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    What kind of uke is this?

    I saw this on the website - I liked the moon figures - it says koa? I've never heard of the brand PPARTIST? Does anyone know anything about this instrument?