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  1. Brad Bordessa

    Left Hand Technique For ʻUkulele Video Course!!!

    I guess this is where this goes.... :cry: After more than a year of hard work and thought, my latest and greatest course is launching! Left Hand Technique For ʻUkulele, follows the same vein as my ebook of the same name, but much expanded and now taught via sequential video lessons. With 50...
  2. Brad Bordessa

    edUKEcation - Ensemble Transcription/Arrangement Library

    Just got word that Kevin Carroll has finally launched his new website: It's full of multi-part (and solo) arrangements that can be sorted by level, genre, number of parts, etc. I think he said there are over a million measures of music contained in the arrangements of...
  3. Brad Bordessa

    Ukes For Ukraine Live Stream Fundraiser - Tobias, Neal, Victoria, Craig/Sarah, and more!

    Aloha UUers! I’ve been in turbo mode this past week working on putting together an ʻukulele event to benefit Ukraine. Please share! (See bottom of post) Ukes For Ukraine Live Stream Fundraiser April 9th, 2022 – 9am to 3pm/pau HST Performances & Workshops by: Tobias Elof Victoria Vox Neal...
  4. Brad Bordessa

    Brittni Plays Adele

    New video from Brittni. Such a great touch! She's known for looping and playing more rowdy lead stuff, but I think some of her best work is in this intimate, soulful style. 👏👏👏
  5. Brad Bordessa

    Where'd the "Sound Samples" Thread Go?

    I thought the discussion on luthier sound samples was one of the most engaging, fascinating threads to roll through UU for a long time. But it looks like it disappeared. Am I not seeing it? Where did it go? I don't think there is a way for an OP to delete a thread. Did it get reported and...
  6. Brad Bordessa

    Highlighted Link Color/Underline

    The stock url styling for links is almost exactly the same as plain text. Unless you scan somebody's post with your cursor, there is almost no way to tell what is a link or not. There are probably a lot of well-intentioned linked resources that are being missed because of this. @rayan or...
  7. Brad Bordessa

    Blues/Metronome Inspiration

    Saw this come through Youtube. It's a demo/lesson of playing with a metronome, but moreso the best blues playing I've ever heard on the uke. Sure, he's a guitarist, but he brings a real feel to the uke that normally doesn't get captured. Steal some licks and enjoy!!! This is the dude who taught...
  8. Brad Bordessa

    LR Baggs Five-0 VS Classical Element - Pickup Comparison

    In the interest of better plugged in tone, I thought I'd share this report from the trenches with you folks. I recently replaced the Five-0 in my Moore Bettah with the Baggs Element. Nothing wrong with the Five-0, but I needed to know what the difference is. Spoiler alert: it wasn't profound...
  9. Brad Bordessa

    FS: Vintage Kumalae Soprano

    I got this Kumalae soprano uke from a friend of my Grandma's. She found it in the closet and thought her dad bought it while he was in Pearl Harbor for the war (do the math...!). I haven't done much research into it. There's no label, but it's quite old and appears to be solid koa with a...
  10. Brad Bordessa

    Elite: Dangerous

    Been really loving this game and how complex it is. Any uke folks play who might want to form a wing for some adventures around 6-10pm HST?
  11. Brad Bordessa

    Uke Like the Pros Online Shop

    Have I been living under a rock? I knew that Uke Like the Pros had video lessons, but I had never heard of their 'ukulele shop. Can anyone chime in on their service? Looks like they have some good ukes. Curious since they claim they're the "THE #1 ONLINE UKULELE SHOP" yet I can only find them...
  12. Brad Bordessa

    Left Hand Technique For ʻUkulele: A Guide to Fretting and Fingering - Ebook

    Today I'm releasing my newest ebook, Left Hand Technique For ʻUkulele. It's a 55+ page guide to improving your fretting hand technique. I don't normally toot my own horn, but I'm very proud about how these technique books have come out. They're very comprehensive and cover a huge amount of...
  13. Brad Bordessa

    Dominator Uke Tabs Moved?

    Cleaning up some links on my site and noticed that Dom's epic tab resource is now redirecting to Can't imagine Dominic is involved with an operation with such thin content. Tried sending him an email, but it bounced. Anybody know anything about his whereabouts/site?
  14. Brad Bordessa

    Martin M600 Soprano/Concert Strings String Order Packaging Error

    Just a heads up for anyone who might have a set of the new pack (light green w/hibiscus flowers) Martin M600 strings for soprano or concert. I put a set of these on a student's uke a few days ago and the string ordering on the paper sleeves was completely backwards! G was labeled as the 1st...
  15. Brad Bordessa

    Impulse responses (IRs) to improve plugged in tone

    Any of the pedal nerds out there playing with this? I've been using my Line 6 HX Stomp to great success for the past few months, but haven't had the headspace to dive into making IRs for my uke. Last night I figured out what I needed and this morning I cracked open my DAW. Impressive results...
  16. Brad Bordessa

    "The Listening Room" Feat. Joey Bradley & Higgs - Feb 22 in Waimea, HI

    Aloha folks, Excited to be helping organize a singer/songwriter showcase for our Big Island talent and beyond. For those of you who happen to be on island for February 22nd, we'll be at the Waimea Coffee Company at 7pm. The show should be a treat. We're featuring two 'ukulele-centric artists...
  17. Brad Bordessa

    FS: LR Baggs Session DI & Hardwire Reverb + Other Pedals

    Hope it's cool to put pedals on here. Seemed like these two might be of interest. I'll pick up shipping to anywhere in the USA. LR Baggs Session DI - Got this because I was curious, but now that I've tried both LR Baggs preamps, I've decided to stick with the Venue. It's almost new. I took it...
  18. Brad Bordessa

    Baritone 'Ukulele: What Resources Are Needed/Wanted?

    Aloha gang, Looking at starting up a baritone 'ukulele-specific website. There's very little good info out there and it seems a shame. Hoping you can help me brainstorm some content to focus on. Here are my ideas so far: - Strings (should be easy to cover most since there are relatively few...
  19. Brad Bordessa

    "The Jig Is Up!" (Or, What You Get When You Play Your Uke's Maker an Unnamed Tune)

    "The Jig Is Up!" (Or, What You Get When You Play Your Uke's Maker an Unnamed Tune) Finally got around to shooting a couple live takes of a new-ish tune. As eluded in the title, I was visiting my buddy Chuck and played him this song, which didn't have a name at the time. He listened to it and...
  20. Brad Bordessa

    "Corners" - Original (Folk) Rock on Uke

    Howzit everybody, Just released a music video this afternoon for a song off my new album. Kind of a different sound. Thought I'd share it here to see what the response was... Hold onto your tulips! :cool: