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  1. souljam

    T2 string volumes and tuning

    Hey Guys, I have had a tenor Kanilea for a couple of years now and have had daddario T2s on them. Ive noticed that the c-string, is significantly louder than all the other strings. Has anyone experienced this with other strings too? Also, has anyone noticed that the T2s require a lot of...
  2. souljam

    Pick guard and Saddle

    I was just wondering, what is your experience with ukulele pick guards. I'm looking to get one of those clear sticker type ones for my Kanilea custom, but does anyone have any suggestions on where to get them? Also, I have been having intonation problems, especially on the C string. It is...
  3. souljam

    Replacement for Tropical Storm Hawaii

    Hello fellow ukers, As many of you know, Tropical Storm Hawaii has shut down. A new site,, has come up to fill that niche. As you know, sites like these count on the community to submit tabs and provides support. I think this site could become really great, so...
  4. souljam

    New Uke Forum Section

    I think it would be cool if there was a section dedicated to people showing off their new ukes. I always look for these but they get buried in the uketalk and other sections. Anyone else agree?
  5. souljam

    Uke transportation

    So I am a college student and without a car. I have to bike everywhere and carrying an uke in a hardcase in one hand while riding with the other hand is becoming perilous for both me and my uke. Is there anyone else who has found a method for carrying their uke while biking? I would...