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  1. bgrif

    FS Teton Solidbody Concert Electric

    I purchased this Teton a few years back from Mim. Sounds great and looks great; just doesn't get played, so I am going to thin the herd. There are some minor scratches on the plastic cover of the electronics on the back and on the bridge. Glad to send more pics and/or sound sample upon...
  2. bgrif

    End Pin Plug on Baritone Problem

    I am trying to install a K&K pickup on a '50s baritone. I have the hold drilled for the endpin plug, but it appears the block is too thick for the plug's length. Any suggestions other than moving the plug or reminding me I should have had a luthier do this:confused:?
  3. bgrif

    Makai Tenor TK-65 FS

    I put this uke on Ebay this morning. It's a mahogany laminate tenor, with Belcat equalizer and tuner built-in. I got it from Uke Republic, so it has Aquila strings and their usual good set-up. I've put on a black strap button. Comes with a very nice Kases padded gig bag. Pics on Ebay...
  4. bgrif

    Kala Ubass

    Has anybody had this happen to a Thundergut string? Luckily a friend noticed this on my U-bass last night before it snapped.
  5. bgrif

    Eleuke--Maple Concert Jazz Style FS

    Jazz Style solid body Eleuke. Great condition with the nice padded Eleuke case. $175 + shipping. PayPal is OK. Email me for more pics.
  6. bgrif

    U-bass tuners

    It seems that several folks have had problems with the tuning machines on the Spruce u-bass. Mine are already sticking. Has anyone tried to convert the stock machines to the Hipshot Ultralights that are used on the high-end u-basses? If so, is any modification needed?
  7. bgrif

    Down Home Blues - Z.Z. Hill

    Can anyone help me with the chords for this song?
  8. bgrif

    Anuenue Banjo Uke

    Selling my aNueNue Banjo Uke. It's essentially like new. I'm selling only 'cause I found a great deal on a Beansprout and don't need 2 good banjo ukes. Great sound and volume. The figure on the resonator is beautiful. The case still smells new inside! The only issue may be some very light...
  9. bgrif

    Chicken Cordon Blues - Steve Goodman Chords Request

    Does anyone have the chords for this song? Steve Goodman's lyrics are just great.
  10. bgrif

    Pono PKT-2e on Ebay

    Just posted my Pono solid Koa deluxe tenor.
  11. bgrif

    Boat Paddle owners, unite!

    I just picked up my BP M-style, directly from Jerry's hands in New Haven, Missouri! It's a spruce-top with walnut sides and back and maple neck. The action is wonderful, the tone is bright and crisp, and the volume is amazing! Anyone interested in starting a UU Boat Paddle group?
  12. bgrif

    My Mind had a Mind of its Own by Butch Hancock

    I've only found this by the Flatlanders, Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Phish, but no chords. Any suggestions.
  13. bgrif

    Uke in Paris? Trying locate a uke...

    A friend of mine makes ukes in St. Louis. He (Karl Markl) made a baritone a few years back. Recently, he heard that it was sold at a shop in Hawaii to someone from Paris (France). He'd like to keep up with his "baby" and locate the owner. Do we have any ukers in Paris who might know about...
  14. bgrif

    River of Love -- George Strait

    Has anyone worked out the chords to this song?
  15. bgrif

    Jake in St. Louis

    Jake will be opening for Jimmy Buffett this Thursday (sold out long ago) and playing on Friday evening at Lucas School House, a small venue in the Soulard section of St. Louis. As of Monday, the website shows tickets available--$17 in advance and $20 at the door. It...