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    Cosmo Jarvis "She's Got You"

    Hey guys, so I've been trying to get this song down for a little while now and I don't think I'm getting anywhere so I figured I'd ask for some help. Cosmo Jarvis is currently my favorite song for the uke and I was wondering if anyone could tab it for me... Heres the song...
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    Todaro "Akuleles"?

    Hey, so I was searching around online when I ran into these ukes: They look and sound pretty sweet, but does anyone know anything about them? The sound holes are kinda funky too. Thanks in advance...
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    It's Here, It's Here, It's Hear!

    My Mainland Tenor Mahog Uke with Mi-Si Pickup has finally arrived, and it's absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful tone, beautiful too look at, and beautiful to play, I'd recomend it to anyone. My only problem with it is that I got it right before exams, so I can't give it all the time it deserves at...
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    Two More Songs!

    Hey Guys! So I just uploaded two more songs onto Youtube, can you tell me what you think?!? Slightly More Then Twelve Bar Blues: and a Julia Nunes Cover (Odd): Thanks Mobey
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    Hi Guys

    So it just occurred to me that I never formerly introduced my self. Hi guys, I'm Mobey (yeah I know that's not how its spelt on my profile...) and I've been playing uke for about two months now. I've only gotten the courage to post one vid, but with a new uke coming in the mail, I suspect there...
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    Whats the word on Leolanis?

    So I've been looking around, but I can't really find anything on the Leolani brand, can someone help me out? I picked up an extremely cheap tourist-y one when i was in Hawaii a few years back (it was my first uke), but I am aware that they sell some "real" ukuleles as well, and would just like...