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  1. ohmless

    #319 Spring Soul

    Welcome to season #319. It is inspired from a minor tragedy that occurred. Last month my 35 year old Drifters Golden Hits cassette tape died that my now deceased father and I both listened to for ages. I also dreadfully missed the opportunity to contribute to the Summer Soul season that...
  2. ohmless

    A word of caution!

    For background I have been playing for about 4.5 years and have had my hands on about 50 ukes during that time. Hopefully this anecdote can save an injury for someone if this occurs across the whole line. I was interested in getting a soprano Fender Venice and tried one out at my local GC...
  3. ohmless

    factory pickup comparison?

    Both ukes I am considering are similarly featured and the main comparison IMHO is the factory installed pickup. I can't find a review or comparison online of the two pickups I am considering: the fishman that is in lanikai ukes and the kala pickup. I can't compare both due to lack of local...
  4. ohmless

    Ghost Speculation

    Anyone want to chime in/speculate on the future of the band Ghost? I was a big fan of theirs over the last couple years and hope the party isn't over.
  5. ohmless

    2nd Gen Soprano Risa Stick (w geared tuners)

    selling my beloved risa stick soprano with geared tuners to raise money for a hybrid acoustic/electric that I couldn't otherwise afford. In perfect working order. Some minor denting on the back of the uke from the strap that is hardly noticable because the wood is so pale. Still very...
  6. ohmless

    Season #217 Shiny Happy 90's Party

    I was going to have a season of people playing the top 30 artists on my playlists but the list ended up being 50 that I wanted to hear from! Also a great number of the artists were around in the 1990's so thought that would be more thematic. I wasn't really into music until the 1990's when...
  7. ohmless

    Seson 192 Video Games Killed the Radio Star

    Week 192's Theme: Cover a song that has been in a video game, or about video games. I would love if people could try to make musical accompaniment with non-musical instruments like the people that play the music genre games, so get creative for bonus points. Some popular titles for music...
  8. ohmless

    Audio/Video conversion issues

    Hello I am having issues with the music not syncing with the video after taking the audio from the recorded video and the audio not matching the video after editing when I try to recombine the video with the audio. I was recommended to use a program called handbrake to convert the video to a...
  9. ohmless

    Ukulele with Wah pedal demonstration

    Tough to not make wah faces when playing with it. haha No other effects were used. Just ukulele into the wah and then straight into the Focusrite 2i2 DI box. This is me depressing the pedal every other quarter roughly(gots to expect it to be rough the first try!)
  10. ohmless

    Fish and Chips as preamp?

    Hello. I was looking for a signal booster for my passive risa stick as I read there can be a low signal with a longer cable run of over ten feet. My current run is short(2 meters) to compensate and works fine currently, but I am looking to build a pedal board and know that each pedal will add...
  11. ohmless

    Pedals reviewed!

    Hello everyone. I went to the local music store and tried my Risa electric with a bunch of pedals on a Marshall solid state amp and wanted to share my research to add to our collective knowledge. Please share what pedals worked for you and what ones you tested to build a database. The...
  12. ohmless

    Which microphone?

    Hello all. I love my Risa stick soprano and have been using it plugged into my audio interface while using the guitar rig 5 demo as a virtual amp. I want more distortion available than that offered by the Fishman(though it is a phenomenal product for acoustic sound) and semi-decided to buy a...
  13. ohmless

    Season 156 Sell Me Love

    Being someone not naturally inclined for loving, I need some convincing that this is something even I can do. For what chronologically is roughly the end of the third year for Seasons of the Ukulele I was hoping people would spread love and understanding to the world. Any song about love(it...
  14. ohmless

    Blue Yeti USB condenser microphone for ukulele review

    0:00 Sound test with noise removal 1:23 Verbal review 5:45 Raw sound test I try not to do product reviews unless I thoroughly used it to avoid glowing reviews that are mostly biased. I still couldn''t help but glow five months after buying this microphone. IMO the best USB microphone out...
  15. ohmless

    Electric uke options

    Hello, I will be buying my electric uke in a couple weeks and wanted to discuss the options, my use, and the room it will be played in predominantly. I record using a USB Yeti microphone and don't have an interface yet. The room is real small(8'x10') and the microphone when on lowest gain...
  16. ohmless

    tuner test: Presonus Studio One vs. Snark

    I was playing around in my Presonus Studio One software and saw there was a tuner. My Snark tuner is a year old and they didn't match if I was doing things right. Now I have no idea which I should use for tuning. I am too new at using a DAW and have low confidence in my minimal experience...
  17. ohmless

    Ukevember 2014

    just for fun recording a different song every day for a month. This isn't a perfect take but a good one.
  18. ohmless

    Review: Proline Lemon Oil Fretboard Conditioner

    Embarassing to admit, but I have had my uke for a year now and never cleaned it once. I was changing strings so now was the time to treat my Jaina to some fret love. After removing the strings, I scratched near the fret wires and a bit of schmutz that looked like old chocolate came off...
  19. ohmless

    Review: Martin M600 Soprano/Concert fluorocarbon strings

    Hello. I have been using Aquila re-entrant nylgut strings for most of my time playing(one year now!) and decided it was time to branch out and experiment with some new strings. Buying Martin strings is as close as I ever will be to owning a real Martin uke so why not? Testing done on my...