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  1. ed531

    Pianoforte Tabs ??

    Hi All, Does anyone have a link to Pianoforte Tabs ? Thanks
  2. ed531

    My Friend has Multiple Sclerosis

    So... a few years ago my friend Chris Hennessy asked me if I've ever ridden the New York MS Bike Tour, I said yeah but I never raise money for it... then I told him that I always register the day of the event and put a fake address, email and telephone number so I didn't have to deal with people...
  3. ed531

    Has anyone in the USA ever bought an instrument on Ebay from Singapore ?

    I was browsing Ebay and they had a uke that I liked, but I decided not to go for it because it was coming from Singapore. I've been burned before buying overseas through Ebay and I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this. To be more specific, the company is called...
  4. ed531

    Working on my 2nd Tenor UKE

    Okay, so I've been lurking the web, the forums and ebay for a new tenor uke and it seems like there's always something I don't like about a uke or for the price of the uke I would rather pay a little more and find a builder and have it the way I want. So now it seems that I've decided to go and...
  5. ed531

    NYC music stores don't give no respect to UKES

    So I was walking around Midtown Manhattan around lunchtime and decided to go to the only two music stores left on 48th St. I entered one of the stores and headed towards the acoustic guitar section. I've never really pay attention to ukes when I go to these stores, they never seem to have any...
  6. ed531

    The loud C string

    Has anyone else noticed how loud the c string is on a uke ? I've noticed this on my Kamaka Concert and Pono Tenor, both are tuned with a high G. It just sounds weird when I play certain songs.
  7. ed531

    slotted headstock

    It seems that there's a demand for ukes with slotted headstocks. Can anyone tell me why ? Thanks
  8. ed531

    A little story about my Kamaka Uke

    My first uke was a Kamaka concert, I bought it about 7 years ago when I was in Hawaii. I can honestly say that I rarely ever played it during those 7 years. This year in May I went to Hawaii again and I bought a Kanilea Tenor. 5 months later, I've been playing nearly 4 times a week. So...
  9. ed531

    Sounds like a great Ukulele Vacation
  10. ed531

    What Tenor Uke should I start looking for ?

    So I have a Kanilea Tenor, a Pono Tenor and a Kamaka Concert (as you've all seen before). I'm thinking about getting another 4 string Tenor tuned to a high G. I've been searching the web and everytime I see something interesting I think, "..well, I already have a koa body uke or I already have...
  11. ed531

    Is Aloha Ukulele @ The Hilton in Oahu still open ?

    I noticed that their website is gone...
  12. ed531

    Was someone asking about UKE meets in New York :smileybounce:
  13. ed531

    are you always looking for a uke to buy ?

    I find myself always looking for a uke. Not really buying, but the possibility to buy. I actually have one I'd like to buy now, but currently way out of me price range. So... Ebay, store websites, etc... How often do you shop for ukes ? Twice a week ? Three times a week ? Once a day ?
  14. ed531

    Pegasus Ukuleles

    Anyone have info on them ? They look good...
  15. ed531

    RIP - Les Paul
  16. ed531

    James Franco

    I'd figure he'd have a Koaloha Pineapple Sunday and name it "Pineapple Express" :D The Story...,,20261127_20654151,00.html
  17. ed531

    The $3200 Kanilea Tenor (right side)

    I love this UKE !!! But it's $3200.
  18. ed531

    Pono Macassar Ebony Tenor vs Kanilea Koa Tenor (vids)

    I made a two videos playing my two tenors (Pono Macassar Ebony Tenor & Kanilea Koa Tenor)... I was in a rush this morning so I may have been playing a little faster than normal... Both have Aquila Nylgut High G strings. Here's the Pono PTES-500 Here's the Kanilea Koa
  19. ed531

    Please Read

    Hi Folks, So here's the story... about 6 years ago my best friend was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. He's a really cool guy and he's doing pretty well dealing with the disease. Evey year he and a few close friends and family ride the MS Bike Tour in New York. I personally think that...
  20. ed531

    A Day In the Life - Tabs/Song sheet ???

    Anyone have tabs/song sheet to this ? Thanks Ed