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  1. Cokecan72

    Mosquito Song

    It's been a while since i last posted any ukulele stuff (mainly because i haven't been playing it), but the old 4 stringed beastie come back and grabbed me, so i thought i would do a little vid to celebrate my re-union with my Uke... Keep on strummin ♫
  2. Cokecan72

    Chim Chim Cheree

    After a spot of random ukulele playing i come up with this old Classic Mary Poppin's Song.. Chim Chim Cheree Ukey Style Gunver :)
  3. Cokecan72

    Soul Man

    Soul Man video'd from my Thursday Night Beer and Ukulele Session. Keep on Strummin
  4. Cokecan72


    A Chas 'n' Dave cockney classic sir... The timing on the rabbit part is moody, but i tried.. Cushdy !!!!!
  5. Cokecan72

    The Bee Song, Uke n Trumpet Version

    Bee's n Ukulele's a great combination.. So i promptly done me a backing track and done this little version of the Monty Python song Keep on strummin ♫
  6. Cokecan72

    Sweet Child of Mine Vodka Cover

    Not posted much laterly, (been busy), but had a spot of spair time last night, a bottle of vodka and me uke out, and inspired by said bottle of vodka thought i would have a bash at the classic GnR song sweet child of mine.. Just for fun :) Keep on strummin
  7. Cokecan72

    Phantom of the Opera Iron Maiden Ukelele style

    An old friend of mine asked me if it was possable to play Phantom of the Opera (The iron maiden version) on a ukulele.. So i thought about it and then plopped out my little ukulele version of it. Wasn't to sure if it would work on the uke... Keep on strummin ♫
  8. Cokecan72

    Drag Racer Aka BBC2's Snooker Theme

    Messing about on me uke i thought i would have a bash a this. Drag Racer by Doug Wood Band, more commenly known in this country as the BBC2's Snooker Theme. Keep on strummin ♫
  9. Cokecan72

    Bitter Sweet Bundle of Misery

    Been busy with family stuff, but i found a little spot of time to have a bash at this song :) Keep on strummin ♫
  10. Cokecan72

    Jut what is the differnce between string sizes/length

    Hello all, I was just wondering what would happern if used aquilla concert size strings on a soprano uke.. Is the size reffernce just a guide or will there be somesort of detrimental effect on me uke or the sound it makes by using my spare aquilla concert strings on my soprano.. So to you...
  11. Cokecan72

    How much would you pay ????

    Just a thought, that then i thought, i would ask my fellow ukers to see what they thought.. I was just wondering what is a good price to buy a TV pal ukulele for.. ?? I only ask because as i was looking up this uke and see some going on a Classic Music Instrument site for around £200, which...
  12. Cokecan72

    A little Respect, Ukulele Style

    Been busy doing vids for all the great competitions that are/have been running on this here great forum and not had much chance to post on to here.. So i thought i would post a vid of one i done for one of those comps.. A Little respect.. Keep on strummin ♫
  13. Cokecan72

    Your Gonna

    I have post a few ukulele vids of mine on to here, and thought it was about time i put on a vid from back in my guitar playing days.. This one is from my band Fertile FuZZ an orginal little number called your gonna Back in 2005, had a quite good little following for a while reached number 2 on...
  14. Cokecan72

    Dont you want me Baby ♫

    Thought i would plonk this on here just in case anyone didn't know about the great little competition that Hank the Tank is currently running (check out the contest's thread).. Ukulele versions of classic 80's new wave tunes.. My latest entry for this is a Human League cover, with my good...
  15. Cokecan72

    Soon Forget

    I had this one suggested to me, so i thought why not i'll give it a bash, and here it is Never heard this untill the other day and never realised that this was oringinally done on a ukulele too.. Keep on Strummin :)
  16. Cokecan72

    No Rain

    None from me for a while then like a bus 2 come along... This one is No Rain by Blind Mellon, a song from my younger years that makes me smile and reminds me of Sunnier times A few random vid effects plonked on there just for the hek of it Keep on Strummin :)
  17. Cokecan72

    Good Company

    The First one of the year for me, so i thought i would have a go at this old Queen Classic.. Its a great song for the ukulele especially since thats what Brian May played it on... Keep on strummin
  18. Cokecan72

    Passage of Time by Rachelle Portman from the Film Chocolat Flukey Cover

    Me and Annette back with another Flukey Cover.. I myself had never heard of this untill Annette suggested we have a little bash at this.. All self learnt,no tab or chords to go from just all our own work.. Passage of Time by Rachelle Portman from the film Chocolat Keep on Strummin :)
  19. Cokecan72

    Jingle Bells with my Girls

    My Lisa, Molly and a rather poorly Tru-li, wanting to wish everyone a Happy Christmas Daddy Style. So it here it is Happy Holidays to all :)
  20. Cokecan72

    Coronation Street Ukulele Style

    A Funky Version of the Coronation Street Theme tune.. Messing about experimenting with my new audio software, i had a bash giving the Coronation Street theme tune a more modern Ukulele ambiance to it. For those who might just wonder what Coronation Street is, its a very popular soap opera in...