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  1. Doctroid

    Hardshell case for Romero Designs Concert

    Anyone keeping a Romero Designs Concert (the guitar-shaped one, not the ST) in a hardshell case? It looks as though the wider and deeper body would be too large for a typical concert case so it'd probably need a tenor case, correct? What case are you using? (I'd probably mostly use the...
  2. Doctroid

    Songs that justify E

    I'm going to be teaching some ukulele classes and we'll be covering the E chord (and several of the tricks/variants/downright cheats that can be used). But I'm thinking... if I'm going to make them play E, I'd better make them feel like it's worth it, right? In other words, give them a couple...
  3. Doctroid

    Syracuse, NY Salt City Ukulele — Open House April 6

    Veterans of the defunct Greater Syracuse School of Music ukulele class are now flying under their own power as Salt City Ukulele, a Syracuse area community for all things uke. Web site here: We'll be having a free Open House on April 6 from 6 to 8 pm. Come meet...
  4. Doctroid

    Aquila string gauges

    Is there someplace on the web that shows gauges of the various Aquila strings? If not, can anyone supply some measurements? In particular I'd like diameters of the Nylgut 4U string set. (And everything else too, data junkie that I am, but 4U most of all.) Thank you.
  5. Doctroid

    Sopranino tuning

    I have a Caramel CP200 sopranino uke, and I'm trying to decide how to tune it. C tuning (gCEa) I think is too low; the strings are too slack. D tuning (aDF#b) seems okay. I've seen mention of F (cFad) and G (dGbe) tunings being used on sopraninos too. But I'm not clear on what strings people...
  6. Doctroid

    Uke lessons and ice cream in Syracuse, NY

    Greater Syracuse School of Music says: "Wanna smile more? Make some music. Join our ukulele class for new players Wednesday nights from 6-7PM starting tomorrow, May 15th. No ukulele? Come, we'll help you order one for under $50. Can't make it this week? Come next Wednesday and join others who...
  7. Doctroid


    I just got wind of this group in Syracuse, NY. Don't think they've been mentioned here before: I don't know anything more about them than what's on the web page and FB page!
  8. Doctroid

    Syracuse, NY Ukulele and Ice Cream Therapy

    The Greater Syracuse (NY) (USA) School of Music organized a “ukulele sing-in” this afternoon. There were about 35 people there by my count, maybe about a third of them absolute beginners, a few accomplished enough to stand up and perform a song or three. That included four members of a reported...
  9. Doctroid

    Indoor Street View debuts with ukuleles Full story at
  10. Doctroid

    April May

    I'm a little late with this report but... last month I got an invitation to a Spring party on April 2, which asked invitees to bring "something about Spring to share". Two days before the party it occurred to me it was nearly the perfect date for a performance of Peter Berryman's song "April...
  11. Doctroid

    Fishman FT-1 clip on tuner

    (Not sure if this sort of post is OK, if not, let a mod know and they can delete.) Over on Musician's Friend the "Stupid Deal of the Day" is the Fishman FT-1 clip on tuner for $10, free shipping, no tax. I've never used one of these but they say it has a uke mode. From the reviews it looks like...
  12. Doctroid

    Purpose uke

    I've forgotten where I first heard about Passports With Purpose. I thought it was here, but maybe not because I can't find any mention of it on these forums, which is odd. Quoting, So what does this have to do with ukes? The way the fundraiser works is, each blogger arranged for donation of a...
  13. Doctroid

    Marten Reed plays uke!
  14. Doctroid

    Bass to go with your Boat Paddle uke
  15. Doctroid

    Electric blue

    Today I took an electric drill to one of my ukes. The cheap one, of course. Drilled a hole to accommodate a 1/4” jack (and since the Makala Dolphin doesn’t have a tail block, I was able to center it on the end) wired to a piezo element from Radio Shack. That plus my tea tin amp makes one of the...
  16. Doctroid

    $60 electric sopranino?

    I don't know how long this has been around but I just encountered it: They call it a "mini guitar" but with four strings tuned DGBE I think it's more like a uke. If you click on the "alternative view" you can see it's...
  17. Doctroid

    My new amp

    Now I just need an electric uke to go with it...
  18. Doctroid


    Every time I think I know who all the major Mikes in the ukulele world are, I find out about another. Let's see: Mike Upton -- Kala Mike Aratani -- Music Guy Mike Mike Hater -- Mainland Mike McQueen -- Uke Republic Mike Lynch -- MusicTeacher2009 Michael DaSilva -- DaSilva Ukulele Co. Mike...
  19. Doctroid

    Gone public

    My mother in law was in town, and she and her grandsons were over yesterday, and she plays guitar and one of the grandsons (age 6) is guitar mad, so there was a "play instruments!" request. So various of us played guitar and strumstick and drums, and sang, and I got out the uke and played/sang...
  20. Doctroid

    Six degrees

    Seen on Facebook: "Please repost this photo. Let's see if 6 degrees works. I found a camera while biking just North of Kapalua on Maui at the end of July. I would like these people to get their camera and picture of their child back, if you know them email me at" I figure a...