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    She Dreams With The Bees

    Played on a David Talsma koa and spruce tenor uke: Thanks for listening. (By the way, how do you properly embed a video on UU?)
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    My Talsma turned 10 years old!

    So I decided to post an original instrumental. Thanks for listening
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    Custom painted Beatles tenor uke

    SOLD I love this little uke and the artwork is stunning. Just don't play it enough with all the other ukes hanging around. The great Moogly Moo came up with this original Yellow Submarine paint job and her craft skills are quite remarkable. A treat for the eye and just fun to play. Here is...
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    Chico and the Man (TV show theme)

    Here is the very cool TV show theme for Chico and the Man (1974-1978). It was composed by the great guitarist Jose Feliciano and is played here on my Ko'olau CE2 tenor. Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening:
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    John S. Kinnard all maple tenor

    For the last few weeks I have had the pleasure of having at my house a very cool “road trip” uke made by John S. Kinnard. Maybe best known as the master luthier for Dell' Arte instruments and his custom guitars, this talented maker is now enthusiastically venturing into the realm of uke making...
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    2006 Santa Cruz Custom F (video demo)

    Demo of Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now" on my new guitar: a 2006 Santa Cruz Custom F with Carpathian spruce top, East Indian rosewood back and sides, Brazilian rosewood headstock overlay, 1 13/16" nut, custom light build, Santa Cruz FS headstock design with SCGC inlay at 12th fret...
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    Holiday Tune (Jingle Jangle)

    Played on a Ko'olau CE2: Best wishes to all on the Underground.
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    Sort of another Adele song.....

    Actually, it is by The Cure. "Lovesong" was their big pop hit back in 1989 and Adele turned brilliantly turned it into a bossa nova tune on 21:
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    Someone Like You (Sungha arrangement of the Adele song)

    Played on my old 70s Sigma (Martin) GRC7, which I got for $99 about a decade ago.
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    New tune on a sweet old beater....

    Here is a tribute to Doc Watson played on my Martin Sigma (Japan, ca. 1975) OM model. A $99 dollar beater that sounds amazing after I did some neck adjustments, reset and shaved the bridge, reduced the saddle, shaved the finish and some wood off the neck to make it thinner (yes I did!). This...
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    Rising Blue (Martin 00-28VS)

    Thanks for listening.
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    Rising Blue (on a Martin 00-28VS)

    New fingerstyle tune:
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    Heartbeat/Dragon (Jake Shimabukuro)

    Two cool Jake tune that make use of tapping, hammer-ons, and digital delay. Hope you enjoy:
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    Yesterday Once More (The Carpenters)

    Going a bit old school here with the 1973 pop hit Yesterday Once More:
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    Katie Maloney (clawhammer uke)

    An original clawhammer tune written in honor of my wife Katie:
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    Montpelier (jazz instrumental)

    An original tune inspired by the great city in Vermont and by my friend there, Kevin Crossett:
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    The Son (original instrumental)

    New tune written in honor of the birth of a young man named Warren, whose parents are old friends of mine. Played on a KoaWorks tenor. Hope you enjoy. By the way, I'm using FCEA tuning:
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    Theme From Love Story (1970)

    For my lovely wife Katie....
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    Calling Shirley Ann (song for Mom)

    Sometimes when you lose someone you love, music offers some solace. I wrote this tune for my Mom, who always provided unconditional support:
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    Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix instrumental)

    Yes, the new aluminum version. Now I need someone to make a better lightweight webcam (Logitech stinks on Macs....can't control the autofocus on the camera). Here is a pic. In case you are wondering, the camera mount was chopped off and it is Crazy Glued to the tower, which is clamped onto the...