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  1. la_ingrit

    Wtb: Fluke ukulele

    Hello! I want to buy a Fluke, if you want to sell yours, please contact me!! Thanks guys!! Ingrit
  2. la_ingrit

    Whooot!!! I will be selling ukes in Mexico!!!!

    Hi everybody!!! It is my desire share with the UU community, that I am going to sell ukuleles in Mexico. :shaka: After looking for the best supplier, I decided on KALA, soon I will be publishing the relating information! Please, feel free to give me advices to offer a better service to...
  3. la_ingrit

    Crazy Ukulele Girl Video

    She's awesome...that's all I have to say!! Just watch the video: :rock:
  4. la_ingrit

    Post your age!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm 25!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  5. la_ingrit

    Does anyone knows about ukulele festivals???

    Hello everyone...does anyone knows about ukulele festivals??? dates, venues etc????:confused: thanks for your help!!!!!!! :D
  6. la_ingrit

    All good things (come to an end) -Nelly Furtado

    Can somebody help me with this song PLEASE??? Thanks in advance!
  7. la_ingrit

    Hey let's keep the peace in the forum!!!!

    Hey this is a good forum, and it's OUR forum (and I say OUR 'cause WE are part of it) let's keep it clean...!!!! let's show some respect for people feelings, preferences, styles, etc. If you say something and someone dont share your opinion let it flow!!! Who's with me!!!! PEACE!!!!!!!!
  8. la_ingrit

    Any uke players in Monterrey Mexico???

    MONTERREY MEXICO UKULELE PLAYERS!!!!!!!! anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Ingrit :D