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  1. cornfedgroove

    Mainland Red Cedar Soprano B-Stock

    I got this a month or so ago....I really like it, but I think I maybe overdid myself on the UAS. This is b-stock because of minor blemishes. The real blemish is the nick in the soundboard just south of the fretboard as in the picture. This uke is solid, and wholly intact. She is a player...
  2. cornfedgroove

    New Islanders

    seen these in the namm vids...when they gonna hit the market???
  3. cornfedgroove

    GUITAR: Breedlove AD25 SR plus

    made "guitar" real big for all you people looking for ukuleles lol. I have a very nice, but used with normal wear and tear breedlove acoustic to sell. I can offer pictures if anyone's interested. It's an older model with the pickup that does not include a built-in tuner. It also sounds...
  4. cornfedgroove

    Mi-Si verse Fishman...maybe even a little K&K

    what's everyone's experience? I've had a Mi-Si and over course loved it...sounded good and weighed nothing. havent had experience with anything other than your basic shadow pickup...
  5. cornfedgroove

    Eleuke electrical issues

    hey...I'm sure this has been covered. I got one a while back of ebay and hadnt really plugged it in for a while (kinda dumb, ya). It's in and out when jacked there a quick fix for this? what's typically the problem...bad soldering? work for a luthier or what? thanks...its a great...
  6. cornfedgroove

    veneer over solid wood over something like this...cedar top, mahogany back and sides with koa veneer. how does this effect the sound? will it still sound like a...
  7. cornfedgroove

    Kanilea Islander Soprano with a little Mainland comparison

    Got this in the mail today... She is a real beauty, just like in the picures. The tortoise accents and rosette along with the string pins make this one hot mamma. She's an all mahogany uke, came equipped with standard aquilas, pre-stretched and ready to rock. The action is a little high which...
  8. cornfedgroove

    Mainland Red Cedar Soprano

    I picked up one of these little beauties from the blemished pile...we wont discuss the blemish because nobody cares about it, but the ukulele looks awesome. A few years ago was completely of the Tenor mindset and was anti-rope is interesting how things change. This little...
  9. cornfedgroove


    dont know anything about them? who's got experience and opinions? all solid or laminate? well made? blah blah blah
  10. cornfedgroove

    WTB UBASS- acoustic preferred

    pretty self explanatory.
  11. cornfedgroove

    Eleuke Pedal board

    I havent gotten my eleuke yet, but its a solid body... I was gonna set it up for a pedal board, but trying to get some experienced opinions on this. I was really thinking of an acoustic rig like the fishman aura spectrum or something, but I'm not sure that would be an appropriate match for a...
  12. cornfedgroove

    WTB Eleuke Koa SLT

    I wanna buy one of these...tenor cant find one anywhere. checked ebay, and all the "where to buy"s off nothing so far
  13. cornfedgroove

    Absolutely Speechless...

    I had posted maybe a week ago about what a difficult year its been...and it really has been difficult. I went deaf in one ear earlier this year, then later I lost wife, family, house, job, and had to sell all my instruments minus one guitar. Alas, that's just a recap and not at all what this...
  14. cornfedgroove

    Uke Withdrawl

    I aint been on in a while, but thought I'd drop a note to let you know that I havent forgotten about this place, nor have I lost my love for the uke. I went through an incredibly painful divorce, and had to sell nearly all my instruments. I aint had a uke in about six sucks. With...
  15. cornfedgroove

    TD Tenor Ukulele <SOLD>

    I dont have a digital camera right I cant post it like would be normal. I havent been on the site in a long time due to tremendous personal strain. Those at UWC can verify that I do indeed have this ukulele. This thing is very nice, complete with Mi-Si pickup, case and humidifier...
  16. cornfedgroove

    Nail Care: Questions

    So I'm growing out my nails...I've tried this several times but have always managed to cut them off before they really got going. I'm growing out my thumb, index, middle and ring...leaving my pinky short so I can plant it. My problem is that my index is always getting the tip worn off from...
  17. cornfedgroove

    chord progressions

    I've always been a hack was years until someone told me the basic progression was I, IV, V with the minors on 2nd, 3rd, and 6th. What are some other progressions I can hang my hat on that may be variations of this or others that are entirely different. circle of 5ths? I know...
  18. cornfedgroove

    Cutaway or not?

    I'm curious as to people opinions on cutaways...I've always loved cutaways for the pure aesthetics and told myself that I need that space for my shredding. I got a full bodied uke...and its its great. The two ukes though are too "apples and oranges" for a fair comparison. I'd like to hear if...
  19. cornfedgroove

    Good HSC with Humidity controls???

    I need a good case with humidity controls...I dont mind putting in a humidifier, but a built in hygrometer would be great. what are some good cases that dont cost $400 special ordered
  20. cornfedgroove

    Camera Fright

    Sooo I can play in front of people on a regular basis with little problem, but if I sit down with a video camera for...oh, I dont know...the Mya Moe Contest, I get all jittery and clumsy like a caffeinated pregnant woman with loose joints. It's like the camera is causing electrical interference...