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  1. Kenn2018

    Hello from Seattle

    One of the ways I learned was to take some chords, like G - B7 - F - Em - G7 - C and just practice changes. Mixing them up. You can sit and watch TV while you do it. Just fingering them while muting the strings. Over and over. Don't forget, you only have to press enough to get clean notes. You...
  2. Kenn2018

    Hello from Seattle

    Hi flyingroc, welcome to the UU Forum. My wife hopes to get back to Manila in January to visit her family. I strum my ukes to primarily back my singing. The trick is to ingrain the strums to the point where you no longer have to think about them as you play. I quite like and...
  3. Kenn2018

    Effect of lowering string action on tone / volume?

    I have no experience with soprano ukes, so I can't comment on the affect it will have on your model. I did have an Ohana TK-50G that I bought from a local music store. The strings were very high and hard to Barre chords on the first 3 frets. (1.5 mm at the 1st, and 3.5mm at the 12th.) I had the...
  4. Kenn2018

    Pono vs Koolau

    Well said. I agree 100%. I have a 2017 Pono RTS(C)-PC Spruce/Rosewood cutaway tenor that I purchased from TUS. Lovely sound with Living Waters Low-G strings. Very chimey, bell like. Good projection. Pono undersaddle passive pickup is excellent. High gloss finish. Great looking. I quite enjoy...
  5. Kenn2018

    Observations after a day of driving around playing different baritones

    Mim carried a few baris for a while. I seem to recall her posting on her site a few years ago that she was dropping them because they din't sell very well and her space was too limited to inventory them. She may have said she would special order one if asked. Check with her. I may be...
  6. Kenn2018

    Tips to Relax While Playing

    Brad Bordessa has a lot of good information about posture and hand placements and techniques in his blogs, courses and books. I do wonder sometimes about how the different instrument sizes can affect the way they are held and our playing postures. Not to mention the physiological differences...
  7. Kenn2018

    Hello from near Windsor UK

    Welcome to the UU Forum David. You'll find other people who love to learn and play. Have fun.
  8. Kenn2018

    Very new to the Ukulele.

    I was invited by a friend to come to his ukulele club and see what it was all about. A week later I bought my first tenor from Amazon. A Fender Nohea koa laminate. The strings were WAY too high, but the sound was pretty nice if a bit muted. Playing with the members of the club is fun. They...
  9. Kenn2018

    Low or High G for learning?

    A somewhat contrary opinion from a fellow learner. I was content to strum for several years, but now I want to up my game. I have been trying to learn finger style playing. I've started with books that use TAB notation and playing the melody by picking the notes. Those are mostly written for...
  10. Kenn2018


    Awesome! It's great that you found an inexpensive winner. Looks nice too.
  11. Kenn2018

    Virtual workshop next weekend

    Hadn't even heard of it before. Alas I'm not able to right now.
  12. Kenn2018

    Tips to Relax While Playing

    If you go through a mental muscle relaxation process you can help your muscles to relax. Often when I go to bed my shoulders, neck and head muscles are pretty tight. I think about them relaxing and they do! The more you practice it the easier it gets. Close your eyes and say to your self relax...
  13. Kenn2018

    Stinky toxic uke cases

    I have a several hard cases that stank terribly when I first got them. Both glue and foam out-gassing. Usually abated after two or three weeks of open air exposure on the porch. But I also have two ABS cases in particular that even after 5 years they still smell strongly of chemicals. It's not...
  14. Kenn2018

    The loudest?

    Or, you could get a small battery powered amp and keep a cord with it. Grab it, plug in and play. Not super loud, but louder than playing un-amped. Pig Nose Yamaha Mini Acoustic & Cube are some that come to mind. I often see used Rolland Cubes for sale at the local guitar shop.
  15. Kenn2018

    Selling question

    You can also sell at the Ukulele Marketplace on FaceBook. I've had mixed results there. A couple of scams, and 4 very good transactions.
  16. Kenn2018

    New Uke from Portugal

    George, that is an excellent addition to your collection. Terrific that you have one from the birthplace of the ukulele. I hope it is as sweet as it looks and plays just as well. Enjoy.
  17. Kenn2018

    Hurricane -florida ... I am scared.

    Ukuevey, I just saw this thread and hope you and your family are okay. Obviously, any advice offered Tuesday was most likely too late to be meaningful. We are thinking about you and hope you and our other members in Florida and other states in the path are safe and sound. Please let us know...
  18. Kenn2018

    Going down the Japanese Uke rabbit hole

    I'm curious. What about defective or damaged instrument you might get. What's the return policy?
  19. Kenn2018

    Teaching a southpaw

    Have her try to learn to play right handed. It's just much easier to find resources from chord charts to instruction videos that cater to right handed players. If she tries for a month and struggles and just can't seem to do it, then convert to LH. Alex Beds (manager of the Southern Ukulele...
  20. Kenn2018

    banjo uke

    Deering no longer makes their 12" pot tenor Goodtime banjo uke. They only make the concert size. It's very loud but plays very nicely. Whatever you wind up with, an added arm rest really makes playing more comfortable.