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  1. specialmike

    (RED) Happy Balloon Song - Coca Cola Cover

    So I heard this song on a Coke commercial a while back, and I decided to do a cover! After the song, I do a tutorial as well. Hope you like it!
  2. specialmike

    Cloud Storage; Share Easily on UU

    UUer's. It's been a while since I've posted on UU, but I wanted to share something that I've been using for ages now; cloud storage. So I thought I would create a thread about cloud storage considering it would make a lot of sense for UU. ^ click here for a free account...
  3. specialmike

    Ain't No Sunshine (Cover)

  4. specialmike

    Drink the night away (late st. Patrick's song)

  5. specialmike

    Ukulele Original No Title...

    So I was messing around the other day, and I was accidentally constructive. Here is the result.
  6. specialmike

    Melancholy Hill Ukulele Cover

    Most excellent!
  7. specialmike

    Can't help falling in love

    We've all been there.
  8. specialmike

    Short people watch this!

    If I have offended you... grow taller :P
  9. specialmike

    The One I Love Is Gone (Cover)

    "The One I Love Is Gone" Katie Melua (Awesome Artist) My Rendition. Seriously such a sad song, but I think that's what is nice about it. Playing it on ukulele shows the versatility of the instrument. Yes, it is a happy instrument. :) But sadness must also be demonstrated. ;)
  10. specialmike

    I'll See you in my Dreams Cover(and More) XD

    Don't forget to subscribe XD
  11. specialmike

    A Cup of Coffee, A Sandwich, and You (Ukulele Cover)

    I got a new Mainland Mahogany Pineapple Soprano. I felt it must be used in a video :D Thusly
  12. specialmike

    Hang On Little Tomato!!!

    I heard this on Pandora... and then I found out UkiSociety did a cover... :) Dang! Must find one he hasn't done, yet!
  13. specialmike

    Negotiating a Higher Starting Wage !?!?!?! Tips?

    Hello Fellow Ukers, I recently graduated from the University of Georgia with a BBA in Finance. I've been job hunting for the... past month or so. I just got offered a position with UPS. I'll be working at their corporate offices. I went through two interviews, one on Tuesday, and One Today...
  14. specialmike

    NICE GUYS (FINISH LAST) Ukulele Cover

    I recently took a survey asking whether I would ever not date a girl if she was "too nice". Of course, I said NO. Two weeks later, I came across the KevJumba, NigaHiga, Chester song about nice guys. I knew I needed to do a cover immediately. :cool:
  15. specialmike

    Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian (ukulele Cover)

    So I'm supposed to be studying for a Chinese exam.... XD But I don't like to study for silly things like that! Therefore!
  16. specialmike

    It Don't Move Me (Peter, Bjorn, and John) Cover

    Pandora brought this song to me, so I bring this song to you on the uke. yeah! Keep an eye out for my Baby, it's Friday mashup :D
  17. specialmike


    ATTENTION ALL YOU WONDERFUL SE-UKERS!!!! You are an awesome uker, you know? And what do awesome ukers do? They get together with other awesome ukers, and they put on a...... !!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY BIG SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, don't let that scare you off. Whether you can only strum one chord...
  18. specialmike

    Bow Chicka Wow Wow Cover

    Rule 1: let them come to you.