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  1. Misguided Musician

    2010 New Year's Resolution! :D

    Hey everybody! I just wanted to know what other people want to accomplish this year. I've had a few and i couldn't really decide on one until now, and it was torn between: 1) Finish the entire Gundam trilogy 2) Get those abs that I've always wanted. I've decided on the second one and plan on...
  2. Misguided Musician

    Super Mario Medley Cover

    This is my cover of Aldrine's Super Mario Medley, in honor of his 25th birthday! I know I can never play it like Aldrine, but at least I tried. There were some pauses and mess-ups, but I only did one take. I'll try fine-tuning it and redo it later on. I did everything by ear, and even added the...
  3. Misguided Musician

    "It's Morphin Time!"

    I was bored. Here's my take on one of my favorite shows when I was growing up. So here it is: The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Theme "It's Morphin Time!" Lemme know what you think! Oh yeah, and I realize that the singing is low, but look at the bright side: I did all the lyrics from memory!:music:
  4. Misguided Musician

    Suggested glue to use for a bridge?

    I don't know if any kind of glue would be fit to glue the bridge back on, but I want to do this with a proper one that won't come off so easily. What kind of glue do you suggest to use? Is there a certain kind that is needed for such a repair job?
  5. Misguided Musician

    Preserving signatures...

    Ok. I just won this black Ibanez acoustic at an even a few days ago and it has all these signatures of famous youtube people (i.e., Passion, Gabe Bondoc, Aj Rafael, Jesse Barrera, etc.) and it literally covers the entire guitar! My question is, how do I preserve all these signatures? I want to...
  6. Misguided Musician

    Everybody Knows...

    This is me and my friend going acoustic @ an Open Mic. Hope you guys enjoy! Everybody Knows Acoustic Cover Best I Ever Had Acoustic lemme know what u think!
  7. Misguided Musician

    Anime Expo '09!

    Ok! I know there are lots of anime fans here on the forum, and in fact, last year I saw Oranguke and NoLine at the Expo last year. So I was wondering, is anyone else going to Anime Expo '09? I want to get a little meet up going and have a little jam at the Expo. So anyone down?
  8. Misguided Musician

    Baby, I love Your Way-Peter Frampton Cover

    Here's a song that I decided to arrange after hearing it a few times. It's oldie, but it's a classic:D :smileybounce: "Baby, I love Your Way" Hope Your Enjoy!
  9. Misguided Musician

    Our last hope...

    Ok here's the deal. My friend entered the Utada Hikaru karaoke contest for Myspace. The winner gets a trip to japan and stays there for three days with three friends, but the real reason I want him to win is because I have a friend that I really want to see in Japan. I've been writing to her for...
  10. Misguided Musician

    Steel Strings..

    I've seen a few ukes with steel strings and I was wondering, what brand has steel string? and where can I purchase some to try out? Anyone try it out? How do you like it? What's ur fav. type of steel string? Ionno. I found it really interesting and I wanna try it out for myself.
  11. Misguided Musician

    More Than Yesterday and Halo cover

    Hey guys! These are my covers that I did for Valentine's day. Let me know what you guys think. Just some songs that got stuck in my head. Halo (Beyonce) Cover More Than Yesterday (Goldfinger) Cover
  12. Misguided Musician

    My performance for the CHS Girl's Tennis Baquet

    Here are my 2 performances at this banquet I performed for at my High School. Lemme know what you guys think, especially about the band video. We just started and we would like some constructive criticism since we need to work on our sound. Here it is: Performance with in the band Pure...
  13. Misguided Musician

    Valentine's Ideas?

    Hey! Just wanted to know some people's ideas and see if anyone else needed help with their ideas for that special someone or for just a good friend. I need some back-up plans, just in case. My initial plan was to get my friend a bunch of japanese cherry blossoms. I was supposed to take her to...
  14. Misguided Musician

    Any Nintendo DS game suggestions?

    I'm a newb and I just started with my DS. I've got a few games like Guilty Gear Dust Stikers, Mario, some Pokemon (thinking about ordering Platinum), Trauma Center, and Megaman. Anyone have any suggestions for games? I'm into fighting and rpg style games.
  15. Misguided Musician

    Wish on My Star by Jake

    I would love to learn this song. Anyone have the tabs? I've heard it so many time and still can't get it down.
  16. Misguided Musician

    Carson Showcases on the 12th and the 19th...

    Hey everybody! Just wanted to let everyone know that Me, Nikki (thefatpinoy), and my other friend Rhodney are performing on December 12 sponsored by the BSU .I'm also performing on the 19th with my performing partner Gizelle Claudio, a.k.a. Twilight Singer/Songwriter from Youtube,a week later...
  17. Misguided Musician

    Berkley Members...

    Alright guys I'm all set to head out for the Bay area. I'll be leaving thursday morning. Me and my friends will be at: the Hotel Whitcomb 1231 Market St. 415 626-8000 I really want to see the Berkley Uke Club and meet up with all the other members. You think we can arrange a meet within the...
  18. Misguided Musician


    Me and my friend have been going through tough times in the past few weeks. His has been giving him problems due to misunderstandings and mine is enrolling to my school and will most likely be in my classes. Anyone have problems like this with their ex's? Sorry to bring drama but I just needed a...
  19. Misguided Musician

    Heroes!!!! Whoooo!!!!

    I just watched the premier of the 3rd installment of Heroes. So many plot twist in just the first 2 episodes that it leaves you begging for more. Anyone else watch it and have any opinions or predictions they think might happen? I know I have a few but the plot thickens.
  20. Misguided Musician

    Random Jam Session Moment....

    haha we started playing this song out of nowhere. It was awesome. Random