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  1. RevWill

    Expensive Ukes in Seattle

    I'm headed to Seattle for a few days next week and I'd like to spend a little time playing some expensive ukes. I'll mostly be south (Kent-Covington area) but we will be going downtown at least once. What stores should I hit up?
  2. RevWill

    Falling Back In Love With My Ukes

    I haven't been playing as much in the last year because life has just been busy, but recently I've changed the strings on some of my ukes and begun to spend some quality time singing and playing. I put Koolau Mahana strings on my Mainland Red Cedar Tenor. To me these feel like a perfect...
  3. RevWill

    Just ordered my Kente Fluke!

    I do the dance of joy! As some of you know, I submitted a photoshopped Fluke idea to the Fluke Museum that caught some attention. My design was for a Kente cloth Fluke because of my affinity for African culture. (Not to mention that I took an 'ukulele with me to Africa). Here's my original...
  4. RevWill

    Fluke Solidbody (Fluke SB)

    Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but FleaMarketMusic has the new solidbody Flukes available and they look schweeeeeeet. At $395 I'd have to save for a while to afford one, but they really look awesome IMO.
  5. RevWill

    Be Still My Soul

    I haven't posted a vid in quite a while. I'm proud of this fingerstyle arrangement of Be Still My Soul (Finlandia) that I worked out. One more uke hymn for the books!
  6. RevWill

    Acoustic Guitar article on Top Woods

    Yes, it's centered on guitars, but a recent issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine ran a story on top woods that is quite informative and cool, and of interest for uke shoppers. To me the best quote comes from Bob Taylor of Taylor...
  7. RevWill

    I passed my ordination interview!

    Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter already know this, but I have just cleared a major career hurdle. I met with four representatives who interviewed me rigorously regarding full ordination as a pastor in my denomination and I passed! Now the full body of the Board of Ordained...
  8. RevWill

    Funny Fluke Problem with Simple Solution

    Over the past couple of weeks I noticed the strangest thing with my tenor Fluke. It has the rosewood fingerboard with metal frets and is strung with Worth Browns, which sound great on it BTW. My C string had developed an irritating buzz when played open. Sounded like fret buzz. I thought...
  9. RevWill

    Elementary Social Studies Class - Hawaii

    I have been asked to come to an elementary Social Studies class to wear an Aloha shirt and play the ukulele in March or April when the students learn about Hawaii. This school is in the middle of nowhere with no actual Hawaiians to be found, so a uke player is the best they could do! I've...
  10. RevWill

    Gratitude post

    I've been doing that November gratitude post thing on Facebook where I post something every day that I'm grateful for. Yesterday's post was this: I just wanted to post that on this forum where Mike and Tookta can see it. They have gone above and beyond to make sure that I and others are...
  11. RevWill

    Played some ukes at GC this weekend

    I was pleasantly surprised at GC Saturday night when I went into the acoustic room. There were two ukes that I really wanted to try out. There were also some laminated Mitchell concerts and your standard Hilo cheapies. 1. Solid spalted mango Lanikai concert, $399. Beautiful wood...
  12. RevWill

    Google Talk

    Is it possible to add Google Talk to our profiles? I have an AIM account and a Yahoo! account but GTalk is the only one I really use.
  13. RevWill

    Six String Baritone Yes, it's actually a Squier 3/4 size classical guitar. A 3/4 size classical is actually close to straddling that line between uke and guitar, innit?
  14. RevWill

    Video comparison of wood vs. plastic Makalas

    I just posted a vid of myself playing two Makala sopranos; one with wooden back and sides, one with the newer-design plastic. If you're wondering how different they sound, check it out.
  15. RevWill

    Uke Praise Ministry

    I am pumped up. Tomorrow the big brown truck arrives at my doorstep with 16 Makala Dolphin ukes. 14 were ordered by church people, and two were donated by Kala. There are so many people in my congregations who are excited about this ministry opportunity - some of whom haven't played a note...
  16. RevWill

    Just won a Carnival Varsity

    It was on my watch list, and got relisted due to no bids. I bid the minimum and no one else bid, so I won! I can't wait to see if it's playable. $9.99 + $7 shipping.:cool:
  17. RevWill

    Leaning on the Everlasting Arms I guess I've been hitting the hymnal a bit hard lately.
  18. RevWill

    Sweet Hour of Prayer Here's a solo instrumental version of one of my favorite hymns. My style has been inspired quite a bit by Ken Middleton, but it is my own arrangement.
  19. RevWill

    Mainland Bari Pics up!

    Mike put up pics of the new Mainland mahogany Baritone today. :drool::iwant::drool:
  20. RevWill

    Homemade Humidifiers

    What materials have you used to make a homemade in-case humidifier? I discovered what I think is a perfect piece. I used one of those little green plastic things that is used by florists to deliver a single flower. Drilled a few holes in it, slipped some foam in there, popped the rubber cap...