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    ammoon ukulele?

    IHas anyone heard of this brand or tried their ukes? I found them online recently and they look too nice for their low price, and you know what they say , you get what you pay for. All I could find on them was that the company was started Feb 23 2016 so they are a brand new company, Im guess...
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    hello again

    Im not a new member but an old returning one, been several years since ive been on the board. Been very busy dealing with illness and life with no time for much else if you know what I mean, but I miss UU and a friend sent me a contest invite so I thought I'd drop in. not sure Im up to much more...
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    Soft kitty

    my version of 'soft kitty' on my hello kitty ukulele, complete with soft kitty! but she was a pest and kept batting at my dongle! special thanks to MMstan for making this video possible <3
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    Somebody I used to know , Gotye instrumental cover by Sungha Jung

    I know this one has probly been done to death, but I thought this was realy a fantasitc performance, with the golpe and all. Enjoy.
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    Electric uke rock

    Aloha all. long time since I've been on the board. been so busy dealing with family and health matters , a summer romance and trying to put my band back together. Those efforts all being rather wasted, but I'm still making uke videos and trying to expand my musical horizons. so here is my...
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    queens of the stoneage

    brought to you by the pianokazoolele kid love this
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    Ultraman, what the heck??

    :confused: everybody is coming out with a ukulele video it seems :cool:
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    10 Reasons why ukulele is the perfect instrument

    I found this great blog post :) what are your 10 reasons?
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    Iwao - wonderful artist from Japan

    I just love this arangement of Lei Pikake check out his other videos too , great stuff on his channel
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    Ka Pua U'i Israel Kamakawiwo'ole cover

    Aloha `ukulele ohana! Here is a video I had started working on last summer and never got to finish, what with hurricanes and homelessness and all. Since there is such a thing as Christmas in July I figured it was high time for a little July at Christmas time. So to fight the mid winter...
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    if you look at the posts, they are to many old threads , and thier posts are general about the same thing, and thier posts are duplicated word for word. and no introduction. looks like its been key to respond to certain texts about medical stuff. here is the profile...
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    Ukulele Holidays

    I saw this and was wondering are there any other ukulele dedicated holidays such as a ukulele month? (as there is for guitar)
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    please can you help me identify these ukes?

    well once again I think perhaps I've been foolish with my money but I am hoping not. I just sold one of my guitars so I have been lookign aroudn for an inexpensive uke that I can put a pickup in and use for performances and teaching. I bid on 2 ukes on ebay at a low bid not realy expecting to...
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    noob questions

    being rather broke and tryign to find somethign worthwile to donate to the upcoming contest, I think I am going to have a go at building some homegrown instruments, first a cigarbox uke I think will be the easiest as I have some nice boxes, and the other a coconut one. My hands are kind of...
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    something serious

    with so many folks on here with China made ukuleles I want to brng attention to an important nonmusic issue in that country and others. Being that it is so close to halloween many of you may be watching horror movies so here is a horror story for you.. Emagine yourself, innocent of any crime...
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    whilst searching for alternative treatments for my sleep apnea I found info on the didgeridoo I am goign to try and make one out of a bamboo pole I have left over from my tiki bar construction several years ago. anyone have...
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    Celebrities with ukuleles

    I wasn't realy sure where to post this. this morning it is realy hot and miserable and it hasn't rain in so long, i try to stay outside because we have a bad mold problem in my house, so i am not looking forward to an ill day out in this desert island type heat and humidity. i feel like I am...
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    Naughty Ukulele

    well what did you expect to see?? :p I was cleaning up some computer file today and came across this pic of a little plastic toy uke I found at a dollar store some time ago and got a chuckle out of. I am still trying out figure out why it is naughty , but thats what it says....
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    seeking opinions on ukulele chart construction

    I've been looking for a nice uke chart but havent found one I like yet, and havent found what I want so have been contemplating designing one myself. would anyone else be interested in something like this? if so what would you like to see on it? and what format would you like to see it in? a...
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    Mailani and Dr Trey tutorials

    Here is a site/blog with a few tutorials with performaces, found this site last night after listening to some of Mailani's music, I like her voice. It says that Dr Trey was Jake Shimabukuro's teacher.