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  1. ksquine

    Rope glues

    I want to make some rope binding for my next build. Any suggestions on glues that won't melt on a bending iron?
  2. ksquine

    Softwood Bending Thickness?

    I'm starting a pallet build for a concert uke. I thought it would be a good item for the Yankee Swap at work this Christmas. I scored a classy pallet at work that had some nice material in it. ;) What's a good thickness to bend softwood sides? It might be hemlock, spruce, fir or something...
  3. ksquine

    Ken Timms Uke review on Got A Uke

    Just saw the review of one of Ken's ukuleles on Youtube Seems like he liked it...."the ukulele to end ukulele acquisition syndrome". Now that's saying something! Nice work Mr and Mrs. Timms :cool:
  4. ksquine

    Wide is beautiful

    Might just be an April Fool's joke.....but hmmmmm To quote Steven Wright: "some people are scared of heights...I'm scared of widths"
  5. ksquine

    Latest Non-Ukulele project

    It ain't a uke but here's what I've been up to lately.... A small body guitar, like a Taylor GS Mini. 23.5" scale, spruce top, mystery wood back/sides, rosette, spanish cedar neck, ivoroid binding. Huge sound from this little guitar!!
  6. ksquine

    My latest concert uke

    Been a while since I posted anything new. Here's my latest project completed. Its a Martin concert copy in all mahogany. Ziricote fingerboard, spanish cedar neck, tortoise shell binding, french polish shellac finish. This is some of my Hibdon Hardwood black friday sale wood. Not the most...
  7. ksquine

    It has a name??

    You know that pointy shape at the end of a Martin ukulele fretboard has a name? Its called a "Pondalog" according to some Martin guys in a Stewmac video... I've worked in a lot of factories and its funny how everything on the line gets a name...
  8. ksquine

    Solid Linings Specs

    For all you fans of solid linings.... What size linings would you make for a soprano? And, what's your material of choice?
  9. ksquine

    Uke on the cheap!

    Been a while since I posted anything new. Here's my latest ukulele. Concert size Martin copy in all mahogany, tortoise binding, Stewmac bridge, abalone inlay, bwb and red purflings. This one is for a friend of mine in Shanghai. (red purfling for a good commie color) I now have customers on two...
  10. ksquine

    Hibdon Hardwoods Black Friday Sale

    Any St Louis area luthiers going to the Hibdon Hardwood's sale on Friday? I really don't need any more wood now but I can't resist the smell of the place. I'll probably be there in the morning....lets meet up if any one else will be there.
  11. ksquine

    Koa Tenor

    OK...I finished another one. I just strung up this one this morning. Too bad its for a friend as it will be hard to give it up. Body.....koa, tenor size from the hana lima plans Neck....Mahogany Binding...maple/rosewood rope The tone is big and sweet so far. I can't wait for the strings...
  12. ksquine

    Walnut Concert

    Hi All Here's some photos of my new construction.....a walnut concert size. It really sounds great so far. I used the Martin style concert plans from Elderly Instruments. Walnut top, back, sides Mahogany neck with rosewood headstock veneer Ivoroid binding, wipe-on poly finish This is my...
  13. ksquine

    Rope Binding Woods

    The madness has returned....I'm thinking of making rope binding again for my next project. :nana: Last time, I used maple/rosewood. It looks good but I was dissapointed with the color contrast after finishing. The maple doesn't look white enough. Any suggestions on what woods to use to get...
  14. ksquine

    Taropatch specs

    Any taropatch builders out there? I'm interested in building one but I can't find much info on them....or one to copy. I'd use a Martin concert size body and scale length. Anyone know what the nut width would work? How about spacing between the string pairs? Any info on them would be great :music:
  15. ksquine

    My new Mango Tenor

    Hi Guys, Just finished this one. Mango wood tenor using the hanalima plans. Its nice to be building again after a 4yr hiatus. This one came out pretty well, I think, with a nice tone. I still have to drop the action a bit more but that can wait until I change strings. Back, sides, top...