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  1. Larry U

    NUD: The Rebel Double Creme Mango soprano (Gloss finish)

    Wow...that's beautiful! (Nice job on the photography, also!)
  2. Larry U

    Total Immersion Hobbies before Discovering Ukulele

    Other than ukuleles (and now guitar), I've had a few hobbies that consumed a substantial portion of my daily activities. Up until a couple of years ago, I was heavily into West African drumming (djembe, dunun, etc.) and was taking in-person lessons from several African teachers, playing for...
  3. Larry U

    Fingerstyle uke

    A lot of classical arrangements use campanella technique. I really like the way that sounds on my concert ukuleles. I find I use my tenors more for chord melody arrangements. If you're not familiar with campanella, here's a good explanation (and a simple lesson.)
  4. Larry U

    Patreon for Baritone

    Shame on me for not recommending Choan earlier! He's one Patreon subscription I wouldn't want to lose.
  5. Larry U

    Patreon for Baritone

    I don't think she does Patreon but Morgana Creely (Four Inch Cats) has a lot of excellent material for Baritone ukulele.
  6. Larry U

    Baritone string sets that do not have wound strings

    Ken Middleton's "Living Water Strings" have non-wound Baritone sets for both High "D" and Low "D" tunings.
  7. Larry U

    SOLD: Flight Pathfinder Tenor Electric Ukulele, Steel Strings, Transparent Blue

    SOLD! $250, including free shipping to the USA. (Sorry, no foreign sales) I purchased this uke a few months ago as an experiment to see if I like a steel-string, electric uke. I gave it a good try, but it doesn't fit my playing style. It's time to move it on to a new player. I purchased it as...
  8. Larry U

    Are Rosewood Tops a thing?

    I've never seen or played a rosewood-topped ukulele, but since it's a very hard, dense wood, I imagine it would sound fine, just not very loud. But on the other hand, Cocobolo is a relative of rosewood, equally hard and dense, and all-cocobolo ukuleles can sound great and are plenty loud. I...
  9. Larry U

    For sale: The Rebel Double Creme concert ukulele. Like new!

    This uke is definitely a keeper and the price is right. I just finished restringing my Rebel Double Creme Concert and I was appreciating how good it sounds and how nicely it plays. I was not a fan of Mango wood until I got this one.
  10. Larry U

    At what age did you get your first uke?

    I was 69 years old (January 2016). Still playing and still looking for upgrades or additions to the stable. (And after a 25-30 year hiatus, I've recently picked up the guitar again. I'm surprised that I haven't forgotten as much as I had thought, Not giving up the uke, though...there's plenty...
  11. Larry U

    Library of Congress: Herb Ohta, Jr

    Herb Ohta, Jr. said this in his 2017 interview in Ukulele Magazine: "When I first went professional, I didn’t use a Kamaka anymore because that’s what my father played, and I didn’t want to be identified with my dad. I wish I hadn’t waited that long to come back because it was like going home...
  12. Larry U

    Library of Congress: Herb Ohta, Jr

    Just look for this Kamaka logo on the headstock.
  13. Larry U

    Library of Congress: Herb Ohta, Jr

    Both Herb and Jake play custom Kamaka Tenors.
  14. Larry U

    Is two finger picking (like a bass) bad technique?

    I had the chance to watch Herb Ohta, Jr. perform and teach at this year's Strathmore UkeFest. He never used more than his thumb and index finger. I haven't checked, but I imagine his dad, Herb Ohta, Sr. (Ohta-san) does the same. Neither one is a slouch and I doubt anyone ever told them they were...
  15. Larry U

    Your Favorite Sounding Custom Ukulele

    I've got two customs (a Jupiter Sycamore/Redwood Tenor and a Beansprout Walnut/POC Tenor). Both are excellent instruments and I have no regrets about either. Looks-wise, the Jupiter is the sexiest, but sound-wise, the Beansprout is the star of the show. I swear it almost plays itself...
  16. Larry U

    Reading Tab Help

    I'm assuming it means to play a muted string (lightly touched so it doesn't ring, but plucked/picked).
  17. Larry U

    SOLD: Like-New Cocobolo Tenor Ukulele

    You should point out that this particular instrument has the top, back, and sides made from Nicaraguan Teak, rather than their usual all-Cocobolo construction. I'm not sure if it makes a difference in the sound, but it's worth mentioning. It's pretty, for sure!
  18. Larry U

    This article made me smile

    No more peanuts...too many people with serious allergies. Now you're lucky to get a little bag of pretzels...if you're really lucky, they won't be crushed to dust!
  19. Larry U

    You know you're getting old when....

    This conversation reminds me of one of my favorite John Prine songs. I'm still missing him badly. Please don't bury me Down in that cold cold ground No, I'd druther have 'em cut me up And pass me all around Throw my brain in a hurricane And the blind can have my eyes And the deaf can take both...
  20. Larry U

    "Canción Para Eris" by Choan Gálvez

    OK, by special request from my friend, teacher, and musical phenomenon, Choan Galvez, here's a quick update. A couple of flubs, but I haven't played it much lately, and minimal practice. Still quite a bit better, though. ;)