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  1. Down Up Dick

    Uke Display

    Do you keep your ukes in cases or gig bags or do you display them? I have a sunny, dusty room, so mine are in cases or gig bags.
  2. Down Up Dick

    Mandola (Mandolin)

    Anybody ever play the Mandola? How did/do you like it? I’m thinking of buyin‘ one, but I dunno . . .
  3. Down Up Dick

    Tooting the Flute Too.

    Since I quit playing my Baroque Flute, I’ve taken up the concert flute again. Now my embouchure is pretty strong, and fingering has come back to me. I really enjoy playing wind instruments better than strings. I just never really got into them. The battle continues though.
  4. Down Up Dick

    Ahhh, Those Dodgers

    TV has become so boring with all the reruns and multitudes of commercials and depressing news that watching it has become unbearable to me. My wife watches PBS a lot and Dodger baseball, so I’ll watch those with her and that’s all. I find baseball on TV slow and boring, and I can’t hear or...
  5. Down Up Dick

    My Baroque Flute

    Yesterday I was talking to another UUer about Recorders, so, my interest piqued, I went looking for mine. However, I ran across my Baroque Flute instead. It took me a while to find all its music, but I did and had a good time playing it. My embouchure was a bit weak (I could barely make a...
  6. Down Up Dick

    Hi D-GBE

    I‘m pretty sure some UUers have ukes tuned to Hi- GBE. What do you think of a concert or tenor tuned that way. I have a lot of Uke music, but it’s tuned to GCEA. Ahhh, shoot! Well Hell! I tried to cancel this +#$%=* thang, but no go . . . I guess spell check is gitten even wid me
  7. Down Up Dick

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    Happy St. Patricks’s Day! I just finished an Irish Music Concert for my neighbors on my flute. Nobody threw anything so I guess it was okay. My wife’s making corned beef and cabbage, and we’ll toast with a little Merlot. Cheers!
  8. Down Up Dick

    Buying From Sweetwater

    Anybody, ever buy from Sweetwater? Okay? Horrible? Terrific?
  9. Down Up Dick

    Special Day

    Happy 2/22/‘22 Day UUers. Make the most of it!
  10. Down Up Dick

    Singing Sessions

    I often have a singing and/or whistling 5 day session at the end of the month. It’s about the only time I strum my ukes. I sing in C, D, or F, and, because I have an old man’s memory, I mostly use lyric sheets. I like to sing old folk music, old pop and some gospel. I also sing and whistle...
  11. Down Up Dick


    Does anyone wear his strap over his right (right handed blokes) shoulder like guitar/mandolin players? I’ve tried it before, but I just couldn’t get usta it. It kept slippin’ off. However, with wearing the Uke the regular way, the small bodied Uke swings to the right makin’ it difficult to...
  12. Down Up Dick

    &@#¥§!! Restringing!

    Yesterday, I restrung my GT Tenor Banjolele from Fifths to (hi G)CEA a truly abominable task. I really hate doing it. The only thing good about it is that it’s easier than a mandolin. The worst part, that makes my heart pound, is turnin’ the tuners up to key with that ungraspitible (?) little...
  13. Down Up Dick

    Soprano Fifths

    Has anyone tried the Aquila fifths (GDAE) on a soprano? Concert? Got any info?
  14. Down Up Dick


    To all you Uke Bassists, especially KohanMike. What do you play on your basses? Melodies . . . Harmony . . . Or just plain ol’ bass thumps? When I was playing my tuba a lot, I played it like a trumpet (only a bit lower). Is that what you guys do? I really like low down tones. They move me.
  15. Down Up Dick

    Harping Again

    I helped a member who was having a harmonica problem a coupla days ago. Then yesterday I played one of my harps just to see if I could still draw and blow bend and if I could remember how to play. And, doggone, it pretty much all came back! Well, I thought about how much I usta enjoy the...
  16. Down Up Dick

    Guitar Playing

    I find that playing My Blueridge 6 or even my Kala TG while seated is very uncomfortable. I know the right leg and the left leg positions, but don’t care for them. So I’ve been using a classical guitar foot riser. Does anyone else use one? It works pretty well for me. I‘d really rather...
  17. Down Up Dick

    Little Gem Banjoleles Giveaways

    Gold Tone Music is giving away three (3) Little Gem Banjoleles. A red one, a white one and a blue one. I saw it on Facebook. I don’t know whatcha gotta do. Check it out if you’re interested. :old:
  18. Down Up Dick

    Button Accordions

    Anyone play button accordion? I looked at some on eBay with two rows of buttons on the left hand which I understood, but what are the eight buttons on the right hand side for? Chords I suppose. Can anyone explain? I’m semi-interested in them. :old:
  19. Down Up Dick


    To heck with ukuleles! Where can one buy some darned toilet paper? :old:
  20. Down Up Dick

    #$@&* Bb,

    I am gonna learn to play a clean, clear Bb chord today even if I have to play it over and over ‘til my fingers bleed and the neighbors beg me to stop. I have tried before and failed, and quit playing in F. Now I’ve decided to conquer it. I just hope my fingers hold up. I want to play the C...