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  1. yahalele

    Roadie 2

    A friend of mine has Roadie 2 for his guitar. It is very easy to tune and fun.
  2. yahalele

    Ievan Polkka

    Hi, Dave and Jarmo! I put up Ievan Polkka, which is Jarmo's Finnish song. This song is very famous here because this is commercial song on TV in Japan. They sing it on Japanese and I sing it on Japanese too. Enjoy!
  3. yahalele

    Something In The Way She Moves

    Can anyone help me identify the lyrics of this song. Original James Tayler's lyrics are as follows. 1:36 She has the power to go no one else can find me Yes and siletly remind me The happiness and the good times that I know, but as I had got to know them It isn't what she's got to say I can...
  4. yahalele

    Joe Cocker and the Beatles

    Hi, Dave! I am singing "With A Little Help From My Friend" for next gig. Larkin Poe's version is Joe Cocker's 3/4 time and great soul anthem. But she uses John Lennon's G chord (see the photo below). That is the real cover of both Joe Cocker and the Beatles. :-) Rebecca is my taste and I...