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  1. Joe Strummer

    Webcam for uke videos

    Can you recommend a good webcam for recording music videos? I do online classes where there’s an option to upload videos for feedback. My ipad has a surprisingly decent camera and mic. It‘s a bit difficult to get a good angle, there’s usually some hiss, and the storage space is limited. My...
  2. Joe Strummer

    How long do Boveda packs *actually* last?

    Humidity in my area is usually between 45 and 60. I’m experimenting with Boveda packs during the winter, when it drops below that range. Will the packs automatically rehydrate during the rest of the year, when the humidity is higher?
  3. Joe Strummer

    New Uke Opening Up

    I’m not sure if any of my ukes have opened up, or if they sound better as I get used to playing them. I had a Pono AT that never got past the tight and dull sounding phase no matter what I tried. Sold it after a year and a half.
  4. Joe Strummer

    How to download Ukulelezaza videos

    He should have sent you passwords with the download links via email or etsy. That’s what he did for me. Have you checked there?
  5. Joe Strummer

    Tenor regrets?

    No regrets, but it’s a good thing to get used to the size, string spacing, and other qualities of a few favorite instruments. Switching between different instruments requires adjustments. They don’t sound as good at first. I tend to get some bad notes by fretting in the wrong spot or hitting...
  6. Joe Strummer

    This Ukulele Does Not Exist

    They improved the design since then. It is plenty loud, and the nut is 1.5” wide.
  7. Joe Strummer

    This Ukulele Does Not Exist

    2 out of 3 isn’t bad. Bonanza makes all solid wood ukes with a 38 mm nut for $399. They don’t offer cedar, but my mahogany model has a similar warm and open sound. The thin body and unique design give it a very clear tone with good volume and sustain. The baritone is even better sounding...
  8. Joe Strummer

    Concert strings on a soprano for more punch ?

    I’m not sure that thicker strings = higher tension. I read that thinner strings have higher tension, assuming the material is the same. Which is correct?
  9. Joe Strummer

    Reentrant strings for Koaloha tenor

    My uke teacher uses nylon guitar treble strings on his (strings1-3 plus an extra 1). It sounds great and costs ~$6.00. I’ll give it a try next time I change mine. $15 is 1.5-2 times as expensive as most ukulele strings. Most fluorocarbon strings are just fishing line with a huge markup. So...
  10. Joe Strummer

    Persistent fret buzz

    I’ve changed the strings several times with no improvement. The luthier even put some Aquilas on it without getting my approval. I changed back to fluorocarbon. I might try a higher tension e string next, then raising the saddle if that doesn’t work. String height is already 2.5mm at the 12th.
  11. Joe Strummer

    Persistent fret buzz

    I tested with a capo, and the fret buzz was still there. I noticed it is also happening on the first and second fret, but it is so subtle you don’t really notice it. I used a fret rocker to double check that the frets are level and focused on the 4th. It sits perfectly flat. I guess this...
  12. Joe Strummer

    Persistent fret buzz

    I tried the credit card test and didn’t see any obvious problem with fret height.
  13. Joe Strummer

    Persistent fret buzz

    I checked the fretboard relief by holding down the string at the first and last frets. I can’t see any gap between the string and the middle frets. So, maybe the problem is that the fretboard is completely flat. It is a soprano, so I’m guessing the short scale length makes the relief subtle.
  14. Joe Strummer

    Persistent fret buzz

    The buzz does happen when I’m fretting at the 3rd fret on the second string, to be clear. I’ll give those tips in the previous post a try.
  15. Joe Strummer

    Persistent fret buzz

    I have an instrument that has some buzz on the 3rd fret of the second string. It only happens with finger picking. It does not happen if I concentrate on reducing the force and plucking perfectly parallel to the fingerboard. This does not happen on any of my other instruments, some of which...
  16. Joe Strummer

    Martin S1 - is it worth buying a new one right now?

    I have the Martin S1 and a couple Kiwaya koa laminate sopranos. They are all nice instruments. The Martin needed some setup work. It has great volume with a complex tone. It does not have great sustain, so I like it best for rhythmic strumming. The complexity of the tone maybe takes away...
  17. Joe Strummer

    Want: flamed Kiwaya

    Yours has some pretty pronounced stripes. Mine varies depending on the viewing angle, and it kind of shimmers when you move it.
  18. Joe Strummer

    Want: flamed Kiwaya

    Is flamed not the right term for that type of figuration?
  19. Joe Strummer

    Want: flamed Kiwaya

    I recently got an FLS-2G that might fit the bill. It is an affordable laminate koa model, but the veneer is prettier than the regular grade, and it has a rosette. Mine has some nice flaming. I’m sure the figuration varies, and most sellers on buyee only show a stock picture, so it’s a bit of...
  20. Joe Strummer

    Ukulele sliding in ones lap

    In that Jeff Peterson video, how does he support the neck without rotating the left hand and letting it rest on the side of the index finger near the bottom knuckle? That’s what I have to do without a strap. It limits the mobility of the left hand.