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  1. ploverwing

    ... and speaking of chords ...

    I'm helping in my daughter's marimba class' performance of The Jungle Book with another kidlet group who'll do the singing & dancing stuff. I'm going to be strumming on two of the songs. We've had to transpose, to work with the notes available to the instruments they'll be using (not full...
  2. ploverwing


    I'm sure this has been answered elsewhere but I'm not in a position to search at the moment (on my mobile, using data, and it's very hard to search UU with this interface, plus I'm not quite sure what search terms to use... Ok enough whining defensive justification for laziness). I'm trying to...
  3. ploverwing

    Banjo YT recommendations?

    I have the opportunity to try my Dad's banjo in November, and I'd like to use YT for some basic intro to banjo playing. Any specific recommendations?
  4. ploverwing

    Where are the notes?!

    My mom just picked up a Cordoba Mini II today (she's got a Gurian but doesn't want to lug it around to biweekly music class). I was using it to play tab for some Sor etudes, and the tab also has standard notation. I was trying to figure out what the (standard E-E) tuning for a guitar...
  5. ploverwing

    Sopranos vs Tenors

    When I first started in February, I was dead set against sopranos, they seemed so squishy (fingering wise) and hard to cope with (slippery & small), so I got myself a tenor (Kala KA-20T). Then I got a better quality tenor (Twisted Wood Sierra). Then I got a good quality soprano (Famous FS-1)...
  6. ploverwing

    Reading Tab Help

    Could someone please explain this notation to me? In a chord scenario, I understand that means "don't play this string in this chord", but I don't know what it means here?
  7. ploverwing

    Uketropolis (James Hill) "Uke Week"

    In case anyone is interested, James Hill's Uketropolis site has a sale on this week (Aug 22 - 29, 2022) in celebration of the anniversary of the creation of the ukulele. It looks like courses & merch are discounted. I am not affiliated in any way, I'm just on his newsletter list.
  8. ploverwing

    Am I lazy? Graded Repertoire for Classical - moving Greensleeves position

    I'm starting in on Grade 2 of the "Graded Repertoire for Classical Ukulele", and they have an arrangement of "Greensleeves" which to me, is super awkward in shifting up & down the neck. I get it - there is a lot of value in learning how to shift up & down the neck (and I enjoy doing so in many...
  9. ploverwing

    Lurv my newly restrung Requinto!

    Restrung the Requinto with new La Bella strings. I've just picked up Samantha Muir's Sor's Etudes 1-6 (opus 60) tabs and I really like these on the Requinto (A2-A4) a lot better than the ones arranged for low-G tenor in the "Graded Repertoire for Classical Ukulele" (I especially like Muir's...
  10. ploverwing

    Violin strings?

    Would it be possible to string a tenor ukulele using violin strings? Or mandolin strings? If not, why not? Just curious!
  11. ploverwing

    Tenor that sounds like the Famous FS-5?

    So after I noodled around with my lovely new little Famous FS-5, I hauled out my Twisted Wood Sierra Tenor, which is also reentrant tuned, to play the same music I'd just played on the Famous. Obviously, these are two completely different instruments. What I love about my Sierra is the bright...
  12. ploverwing

    NUD Famous FS-5 soprano

    Delivered to my door this morning, so quickly from across the globe! I am the lucky recipient of this gorgeous little ukulele (I'm not going to bother with pics, the ones on the marketplace thread are better than anything I could possibly take). Thank you so much to @uketorik, I am absolutely...
  13. ploverwing

    My Current "Workbooks"

    There are so many recommendations here on UU with respect to resources & guides & practice manuals etc. I am not making any recommendations here, but I thought I'd outline what I've gone through so far with respect to my learning progress, so other beginners (or others) might have some ideas...
  14. ploverwing

    Requinto strings?

    My mom has a requinto, and we'd like to restring it, but I'd like to restring it in A-A (it's currently set up like a tiny guitar on E-E). What would you recommend? Would fluorocarbons work as well as nylon? I have zero clues about this, as I know next to nothing about guitars. Thanks a lot...
  15. ploverwing

    My first acoustic jam session!

    I have been far too doubtful of my musical skills and haven't wanted to try finding a jam session, not for years of playing instruments. Then I picked up ukulele in February, and recently felt confident enough that I could make my way through some basic chord progressions, fake my way through...
  16. ploverwing

    Chords by Scale Resource

    I was hunting around for something that showed a "basic" set of chords (i.e. 1st through 7th, not adding all the variations available) for each of the diatonic scales as a jumping off point, and discovered This was exactly the kind of thing I was looking for...
  17. ploverwing

    Share the love and admire the craftsmanship

    We had a local "open studio" tour locally this weekend, and one of my friends is on the tour. I thought I might share his two business here, because he makes beautiful art and environmentally friendly functional glassware: Hayes Glass Designs Enviro Glass Straw I just picked up another...
  18. ploverwing

    To strap or not to strap

    I've done a lot of reading on UU, and have found a lot of really useful information. Bill1 on another thread suggested that I stick my experiences down for other noobs to contemplate on their ukulele journey. I'm still a total noob, so please take these comments with that filter firmly secured...
  19. ploverwing

    Shhh... my 12 yo might be trying to steal my uke

    🤞 Backstory: I bought each of us Kalas, her a concert (reentrant), me a tenor (linear), back in February. I already have played stringed instruments, so I was able to pick up the basics fairly quickly, and I think that she was kind of frustrated by how challenging it was. She's not really...
  20. ploverwing

    PHD Tenor "dynamic" Low G vs regular Low G

    I realize there are a ton of strings questions on UU, and honestly, with the search tool that exists, it's overwhelming reading through everything (I used to be a manager for a forum for our business that had similar search issues). I've tried to find information on PHD Tenor "dynamic" Low G...