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    Fingernails keep breaking

    Causes of Brittle Nails Brittleness of the nails can result from various reasons, including: Aging (People above 50 years of age are highly prone to brittle nails.) (3) Exposure to chemicals and toxins Repetitive or overuse of nail polish and polish removers Low humidity ...
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    Fingernails keep breaking

    When the humidity is low and my nails start to crack, I rub some sunscreen containing lanolin on my fingernails, and that seems to help. My wife thought I was nuts, but now she does it as well, because it keeps the nails supple and healthy during periods when they otherwise tend to be brittle...
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    Recording your own voice - what apps are you guys using?

    I guess I mean my voice sounds flat and uninteresting to me. A tuner shows that the pitch is fine, but it's not pleasant like when Michael Buble sings the same note. :-)
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    Recording your own voice - what apps are you guys using?

    A dictaphone app should be ok. I'm just looking for something quick and easy to check my pitch and delivery. I found an app called 'Dolby On' on Google Play that looks like a dictaphone app, but adds Dolby, 'de ess'ing' and compression to the recording.
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    Recording your own voice - what apps are you guys using?

    I'm a pretty average singer - I can remember the lyrics, the melodies and hit the right notes, but sometimes my voice seems a little off. All the singing gurus recommend that you frequently record yourself singing, and then listen carefully for areas you can improve. I haven't done this...
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    Best singer playing the uke.

    Thanks, many of these videos are really good.
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    I sleep well, but many friends and family members are tormented by insomnia. Generally speaking, I think it's good to accept it and go with the flow. If you can't sleep, get up and do something under a soft light, like read a book, or listen to some music so you're not bored to tears. Once you...
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    Covid Booster

    I felt absolutely nothing after 2 Pfiizer shots - I'm thinking Moderna could be the better booster for me because it's a little stronger. But I'll take whatever is available ...
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    Martin LX1E

    I have a Martin LX1E and the Martin LXM. I love the LXM, it sounds good and is my favorite practice guitar when I'm working on vocals. I don't use it for acoustic performances because the sound doesn't really project. The guitars are a bit denser and heavier than you would expect from such a...
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    Finding the Right Key

    Finding the best key to sing is still a very awkward process for me. The other I worked on 'Hooked on a Feeling', which is originally in the key of A. That was much too high for me, so I tried E, which sounded better, but was lacking vitality. So I tried C, D and G, and finally settled on F as...