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  1. frets alot

    Repurposing a Uke Strap

    I had an extra Sherrin's Threads (ST) uke strap that wasn't assigned to a uke, and I wanted new strap for my O'ahu hard case. I had a couple extra swivel clasps in the perfect width in my stash. In a matter of 10 minutes, I had the ends removed off the uke strap and the swivel clasps put...
  2. frets alot

    Slot Head Videos

    I'm going to be swapping out the strings on my new baritone to the new Oasis "Southcoast" Linear Baritone Fluorocarbon (UKE-8200BL) string set. I m not asking for recommendations on strings at this point, I'd really like to try these. They sound like exactly what I'm looking for. My question...
  3. frets alot

    NBUD & Aloha City Ukes

    I'll make this brief, since most of you know about the Kala solid acacia series. I just picked up this baritone (KA-SA-B), after regretfully selling one years ago. With the advice of a fellow UU member, I decided to order it through Aloha City Ukes. My experience was wonderful. Matt gave me a...
  4. frets alot

    Tie Bridge Question-Fluorocarbons

    I'm going to be trying fluorocarbon strings on my Pono guilele. On the tie bridge, is the common method of tying the string (going around the string) twice sufficient to hold the fluorocarbon strings from slipping? Maybe the string type is irrelevant, but I wanted to make sure.
  5. frets alot

    Slotted Bridge...Wound String

    Probably a dumb question... Can you (would you) put a wound string on a uke with a slotted bridge? (My first uke with a slotted bridge.)
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    Legacy Straps Review

    Check out Legacy Straps ( for great choices on 3/4" or 1" uke straps. I got 6, in the 1" width. I had them make them adjustable up to 54" (I needed that length for my mountain dulcimers). They are customizable to any length and are available with 1 or 2 strap ends. There are...
  7. frets alot

    Legacy Straps Question

    I found an older thread re a review of the Legacy Straps, but thought it might be better to start a new thread with my question. They look like quality straps. Though I'm a uke player, I'm actually looking to purchase a narrower strap like these 1" straps for use with my mountain dulcimers...
  8. frets alot

    New Uke Stand - Hercules Content

    I just received my new Hercules uke stand, the UKS100B, that I think they just introduced last fall. It is adjustable (height) to fit any size uke, it has their Auto Grip System, and it has foam padding at all contact points. I've attached some photos with my Pono MB-6, which is baritone size...
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    New Strap Day - Levy Narrow Jacquard Weave

    I was looking for a new strap for my that was narrow, so I could leave it on while in the case. I purchased this strap from Amazon (available from other sellers too): I have owned several...
  10. frets alot

    NGD: Pono MB-6 Mahogany Guilele

    I received my Pono MB-6, Mahogany Guilele from HMS yesterday. This is my first order from HMS and my first Pono. I want to say that I'm really happy with both. It took about 3 weeks to get it shipped, as HMS is currently working with less staff. But the wait was worth it. The full set-up is...
  11. frets alot

    FS: Uke Accessories Package: 2 Capos, Uke Thong, Picks, Stickers

    SOLD: Uke Accessories Package: 2 Capos, Uke Thong, Picks, Stickers SOLD Hi! I'm downsizing my uke collection and, as a result, clearing out some accessories that have had little to no use. I've packaged them together here for one low price. $25 - which includes free USPS Flat Rate Priority...
  12. frets alot

    Oahu Hardshell Case from HMS - Question

    I just ordered a new Pono AB-6 from HMS. It comes with this case: I don't see where it says in the description whether or not it comes with a shoulder strap (though the pictures show it...
  13. frets alot

    Pono Acacia Guilele

    Has anyone purchased/tried one of these Pono guilele's: As a 46+ year guitar player, I'm leaning towards trying one out, but have never owned a Pono before. I'm guessing the quality is good. I...
  14. frets alot

    Black Strap Buttons

    My go to store is Elderly Instruments. I have plans to put black strap buttons on a couple ukes, but they are out if stock, and they don't know when they will be back in stock (I guess their supplier suffered a fire). Can anyone recommend a place to get quality black strap buttons? I do not...
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    This Kid is Amazing

    Could he be the next Jake? Enjoy.
  16. frets alot

    HMS and Uke Republic

    I've purchased all my ukes from my local music store. I'm considering my next purchase from HMS or UR. I pretty sure either would be just fine, but just checking. I understand HMS does a full set-up. Does UR also do full set-ups? Thoughts on either/both store/s? Any other store to consider (I'm...
  17. frets alot

    Pono vs. Kala - Thoughts on 3 Models I'm Considering

    Pono vs. Kala - Thoughts on 4 Models I'm Considering I'm regretting selling the baritone uke that I had. Now, I'm looking these four options. I would like your $.02 on them. Which way would you go and why? Thanks! Pono Acacia Baritone (AB) Pono Mahogany Baritone (MB) Pono Mango Baritone...
  18. frets alot

    Tie Bridge String Changing Question

    UPDATE: Tie Bridge String Changing Question I've been changing guitar steel strings for 45 years, but have to admit these ukes are new to me. So, I have a question. I understand the tie process, but the videos I've watched always talk about leaving each individual string end turned down toward...
  19. frets alot

    NUD - Kala Ziricote Tenor (KA-ZCT-T)

    I saw this tenor uke while at Elderly Instruments, picking up a new Martin guitar. So, I went home with 2 new instruments! It has a really nice voice and looks fabulous.....hope you like it! ;) (The best I could do with pics, the glossy finish reflects everything.)
  20. frets alot

    NUD: Kala Cedar/Acacia Baritone

    NUD: Kala Cedar/Acacia Baritone - String Questions Picked up a new Kala KA-ABP-CTG baritone with a solid cedar top and acacia b/s. I love the tone....warm, yet clear with nice sustain. Looking forward to taking this to the uke jams that I attend at dulcimer festivals. It has excellent...