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    Intentionally Weak Glue, What can be Used?

    I hope that this is the right place to ask the question and that it makes sense to members here. From time to time I do small repairs and changes to Ukes, for me craft type work is enjoyable and I get a sense of achievement when the completed item works as expected. Eventually, in the fullness...
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    Saddle String Spacing and Fingerpicking Space.

    I’m mostly a Soprano player and prefer finger picking to strumming. Having short fat fingers I discovered years ago that wide spaced strings at the nut really helped with correct fretting but what I didn’t realise was that saddle string spacing impacts on playing too. That’s something I...
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    Does reentrant tuning mislead?

    The standard tuning for a Uke is arguably g, C, E, A and it Fighting the software again, please see the post below.
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    Un-expected Lockdown Discoveries

    See the next post, working around the software glitch.
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    Dot positions, why 3, 5, 7 and 10?

    I’ve been playing a while and reading this forum for a few years but I haven’t seem this question asked before. Dots on the fretboard are handy and I’m glad of them but why are they positioned at the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th frets?
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    Disassembly for Salvage, Repair and Potentially Rebuild.

    I’d be interested to hear of the non-destructive Uke disassembly, salvage and rework techniques used by members. From time to time a new instrument will get built with an unwitting fault and have to be taken apart to put things right. Older instruments eventually wear and break, sometimes they...
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    ? Without Power Tools, what are the skills needed and used to build that way?

    I follow what the professionals and somewhat gifted amateurs do here on UU with interest and aspiration. Maybe one day, when enough of life’s other tasks are done, I might be able to build an instrument for myself. In the meantime I gather information and learn from reading here, sometimes...
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    Infants, Uke playing and singing to babies and small children

    I’ve reached that Grandad stage of life and can envisage that the next ten or so years will see my wife and I helping with and enjoying the early life stages of the next generation. To my mind music is an important part of both life and mental development. I’d like to be part of introducing my...
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    Tuning Fork, A or E and how to use ?

    Electronic tuners are cheap and readily available but I suspect that there is value in having and being able to use a tuning fork to tune your Uke. I’m wondering what the experience of people here is with using tuning forks. What methods do you use and what pitch fork? Mostly forks pitched in...
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    Arthritis / Weak Hand Friction Peg Aid

    One of my Ukes has friction pegs and I’ve grown to prefer them to the geared type (I find them so quick and simple to use). However I know that some people struggle with finger strength and / or arthritis and so find that they cannot use friction pegs. A long time back someone here mentioned...
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    Finger Picking, Left Hand Positioning and Re-positioning

    I like fingerpicking and manage to push my way through fairly simple tunes with enough success to keep me interested. Reading standard notation and tab isn’t an issue but getting my left hand fingers in the correct place is, or rather it is once I’ve moved my hand away from the first three...
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    Frets, How Tall are Yours?

    I tend to play Kala, Makala and Lanikai Ukuleles but have recently started trying a few others out too. Once set up and with some Fluorocarbon strings fitted Ukes from the brands just mentioned have played well for me and provided excellent bang per buck. I’m particularly pleased with my own...
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    Misunderstood or Misused Guitar Definition

    At one time I was of the view that Ukes and Guitars were two completely separate things, I believe that that view is shared by the ‘average’ man or woman ‘on the street’. Now I really wonder whether that’s completely wrong, I’ve discovered varieties of Guitar that range in size and have four...
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    Past Bruko Strings

    I’ve long wanted a Bruko Soprano but when one recently became available on eBay U.K. I decided not to bid, or not to bid this time. To my ear, which picks out different sounds now than it used to, the Bruko’s can sound a bit too plunky for my taste. Different strings do, apparently, help change...
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    Sopranos, Strengths and Weaknesses

    Sopranos, Strengths and Weaknesses I have three inexpensive Sopranos and, after properly setting them up, they have given me a lot of pleasure. However, when I recently had the opportunity to buy a particular other - one that’s a little better than the other three and one that I have long...
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    The Internationa Tradel Problem

    I hear on the TV and read in the papers that the USA is imposing import tariffs and wonder how we got to this point and where it will all lead, and how it will effect our hobby too ????? Like the majority of people (but maybe not UU members) I play instruments that have been made in China and...
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    Uke Nuts, why was/is wood used?

    I’m in the habit of replacing plastic nuts with bone ones and it’s always been (or should that be seemed) a good move until the last time. With the bone nut the open strings sounded louder and had a longer sustain than the fretted ones and that made the played chords sound ‘wrong’. The plastic...
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    Songs for English Girl Guides

    A friend of mine helps out at her local Girl Guide group and group singing can be part of some of their events. I played her a couple of tunes on my Uke and sang along to them. I’m not much of a player and my singing is poor but the joy of ‘Uke’ seemed to mask all that and soon we were opening...
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    Laminate Soprano Islander or what ???

    A friend from the USA will be visiting the U.K. later in the year, he is willing to the purchase and bring me a Ukulele. The bulk of instruments that I might like to purchase are available in the U.K., though import costs and local taxes push the price up - and sometimes folk seem to take extra...
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    Improving how your basic Uke Sounds.

    I’d be glad to hear other members’ experiences on what they have done to improve the sound of their own or a fiends basic Uke. I’ve had several basic laminate Ukes over the years and have made them all sound better. It seems to me to be a process of getting marginal improvements here and there...