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  1. Wiggy

    What did you do today? Not instrument-specific.

    Just came in from cutting, splitting, and stacking "non" tone wood. Then read your post and this immediately came to mind:
  2. Wiggy

    What did you do today? Not instrument-specific.

    Working on a song for SOTU that doesn't quite "fit" the qualification formula, but is somewhat close. (Attempting to work any song out in less than a month is a challenge!)
  3. Wiggy

    Tenor regrets?

    In my mind, a baritone is a small guitar minus the 2 lowest bass strings. Soprano and concerts are true ukuleles. Tenors do well in gCEA/GCEA ukulele, as well as dGBE.
  4. Wiggy

    New Uke Opening Up

    Wood acclimates and the build reaches stress equilibrium. Strings will sometimes take months to settle and stabilize. Add temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure to the mix. Sensory and mental perceptions at any moment in time. Satin only for me.
  5. Wiggy

    Banjo YT recommendations?

    I'm trying to get comfortable with "alternating thumb fingerstyle." It seems simple enough and is kind of natural on 4-stringers. For me, it's down to muscle memory (practice) and knowing whether to lead with the 3rd or 4th string depending on the chord. I want to be able to play like Wooville...
  6. Wiggy

    Total Immersion Hobbies before Discovering Ukulele

    I haven't found one. But then, I haven't been looking very hard :)
  7. Wiggy

    Online 'chords and lyrics' Transposing Tool

    I just discovered this online Chords & Lyrics transposing tool Google any song's chords and lyrics. Copy and paste them into the transposer. Choose an output key Choose an output format (I like text - lyrics/chords). Up until this point, I have been manually transposing and...
  8. Wiggy

    Hey Hey My my

    Very cool!
  9. Wiggy

    Season 562 - Poetry in Song

    Well done DelGriff! The perfect blend of storytelling and music.
  10. Wiggy

    SALE PENDING - Pono ATD Like New

    Tin Ear is a totally trustworthy seller.
  11. Wiggy

    5th tuning, benefits and drawbacks

    Also try 2301, or 2305. Both are an easier reach.
  12. Wiggy

    When is it a good time to try low G?

    What you just said. If they were cut close and only wound 2-3 times, reusing a "g" (or any) string is rarely possible to wind back on. Getting a second instrument for trying a low G out is best. This way you can compare them side-by-side, then leave them set as the new string settles. Wait a...
  13. Wiggy

    What strings to "convert" tenor to baritone pitch

    Note that CU-BTR is re-entrant dGBE, not baritone DGBE. The GB&E are normal baritone pitch. The d is tuned one step below the E. CU-BTR Bari-Tenor Re-Entrant (ground nylon w/ Silvered Copper) for TENOR E - .032 B - .040 G - .029w D - .032
  14. Wiggy

    Tenor regrets?

    "whilst finding that I was happy trying second position chords out on a concert, I did find I resorted to merely trying to keep the standard chords going on my piccolo - it is harder work. If a concert feels a bit awkward, a tenor may seem even worse. It would be best to find someone (or...
  15. Wiggy

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Grandma's cooking pies. Turkey goes in next. Yum! (I made coffee.) Parade on. Sound off. Can't wait for the Dog Show afterwards! :)
  16. Wiggy

    Is it me or is Mango getting a lot of attention in the ukulele world lately?

    I just this morning ordered an Ohana TK-50ME from Mim. (A Lanikai CDST-C was my gateway. I love its tone.)
  17. Wiggy

    5th tuning, benefits and drawbacks

    This^ Yes, I had to learn the fingerings of two different (uke vs mandolin) instruments. But I manage to go back and forth as each is unique and works in a different tonal range.
  18. Wiggy

    5th tuning, benefits and drawbacks

    Because I like the way it sounds. That high E string (in GDAE) is pretty addictive :) It is tuned an octave higher than a guitar high E. The low G is the same as a ukulele low G. Oddly, I went to mandolin tuning on a soprano after failing to be able to reach 5ths chords on a Blueridge BR40T.
  19. Wiggy

    5th tuning, benefits and drawbacks

    It is just text in boxes. Many mandolin chords require you to not play a string or two. I never had that much control. With all chords in the spreadsheet, you can strum or arp with all 4 strings. The headers are: Major Dom7 Min (another key's Maj7 - i.e. for practical purposes Emin=CM7) Min7...
  20. Wiggy

    Starting Uke lessons for elementary school

    Posting your location might help find donations. I recently gave a Luna soprano to our local school.